Used Fishing Line Casting Contest [J-Braid VS. PowerPro VS. Fins]

This video is all about a Used Fishing Line Casting Contest featuring THREE different types of braid.

All of the lines are 10lb test and those included are PowerPro, Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand, and Fins.

We tested these lines a while back when they were brand new off of the spool.

But now we’re testing their castability after hours of on-the-water use.

Take a look!!

Used Fishing Line Casting Contest [VIDEO]

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Featured Lines:

Some lines deteriorate quickly after use while others maintain their strength.

This test will expose the answers and show us which line is the better long-term option.

To start, we have equal amounts of line on all three spools.

All 10lb test and we’re using the same rod to cast switching out the reels as we go along.

I threw each line out 5 times.

The results were the closest we’ve ever had in a casting contest.

Right off the bat, the results were too close to call one of the lines a clear winner.

As far as what line is the best long-term option, you have to consider a few other factors.

Those being knot strength and on-the-water performance.

Additionally, I am pleased to report I experienced ZERO wind knots with any of these lines.

I over spooled the Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand to begin with in the first test which hinders castability.

But after weeks of on-the-water use, I did not run into any wind knots.

In terms of on-the-water performance, there was not much difference between the lines.

I can say the J-Braid felt the smoothest whereas the other lines felt a bit rougher.

In my opinion, this all comes down to knot strength.

With that said, the Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand is the conclusive winner.

It is the strongest 10lb braid I have tested after a few rounds of strength tests.

For these reasons, I’ll continue to use and rely on the Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand.

Do you prefer a different braid or one of the others in this test?

Please go ahead and let me know what you like to fish with and why below!!

Get the conversation started in the comments!

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Jeff Lane
3 months ago

Thanks for that! That’s really helpful info

Ricky Strickland
5 months ago

great info.

Charles LaHay
5 months ago

Did you do the knot strength test after the in field use?

Ronald Peedin
5 months ago

good infor

Ron Rudolph
5 months ago

I’m new to braid so this was great information.

Glenn Loftin
5 months ago

Great information I am very happy with Daiwa J braid

Robert Janger
5 months ago

Thanks, Luke. I’m running PowerPro on all of my rods (mostly10# but also a 15# and a 20#). I did try the 10# J-Braid but did not like it. I will admit that it is very strong as I was able to pull an 18′ skiff to an area where I got snagged on the bottom. I had trouble getting the FG knot to hold on the J-Braid to mono leader where I have never had an issue on that with the PowerPro. The J-Braid feels more like thread to me, but that’s just my opinion. Sticking with the PowerPro but thanks for the video.

Charles LaHay
5 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Have not had problems with PPro 10# over 1 year old with new FG knots but have had problems with well used J-Braid 10# & new FG knots with 12# Ande mono. It does not “take” to the step where one pulls the knot tight to get the braid to bite into the mono. If I get a second person to pinch the new FG knot on old Jbraid when pulling tight it then makes a good FG knot. After this step, Jbraid has been superior on wind knots.

Thomas Utley
5 months ago

Guess I’m just set on my power pro with 20lb Berkeley Big Game Clear mono for my leader material … But that is just me though… !

Larry Banach
5 months ago

Thanks Luke! Always enjoy these “competitions” It helps us a bunch so we are not wasting our money on products that don’t work as well!

William (Bill) Krenek
5 months ago

Great information I always wondered which line to use


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