Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Review [How to Rig & Underwater Demo Video]


The Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ is a lure I added to my tackle box a while back that I have really enjoyed.

It’s a tough and durable lure that has fantastic action in the water. I love to use it when fishing the flats in shallow water and when working structure in deeper water.

After using it for a while now, I wanted to give my honest review of what I like and dislike about this lure.

You can also see how to rig the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ and what they look like underwater in the video below.

If you’ve used this lure, let us know what you think of it by commenting below.

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Packs: Rigged and Unrigged

The Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ comes in two different kinds of packs — rigged and unrigged packs.

The pre-rigged packs come with two EZ ShrimpZ rigged weedless on weighted hooks. The rigged packs are $6.99 each on the Z-Man website. You can see the rigged pack in the photo below:

Rigged Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

The unrigged packs come with four EZ ShrimpZ with no hook. These packs are $5.99 on the Z-Man website. You can see a picture of the unrigged pack below:

unrigged Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

One suggestion I would make if you’re inclined to buy the rigged Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ is to buy a spare pack of unrigged EZ ShrimpZ as well.

These lures’ tails have a tendency to break down over time or could even be eaten by a small-mouthed fish like a pufferfish or pinfish.

The unrigged EZ ShrimpZ are easy to use to replace damaged rigged EZ ShrimpZ because the unrigged are cut exactly the same as the rigged and can be added to the rigged hook in the same way.

Overall though, I like that these lures are durable and can be used many times before you need to replace them.

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The Best Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Colors and Rigging

I’ve used quite a few different colors of the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ and figured out that the greasy prawn and natural-colored EZ ShrimpZ are by far my favorites to use.

Greasy Prawn and Natural Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

To me, the greasy prawn-colored EZ ShrimpZ is the most natural-looking for the area I generally fish. It’s a greenish-grey color that works well on the flats for redfish, trout, snook, and more.

The natural-colored EZ ShrimpZ is actually more of a pinkish color. I like this color because it can stand out a little bit in slightly-muddied water and is also an effective choice when fishing at night.

I like to rig both these colors on the Z-Man hook that comes with the rigged EZ ShrimpZ and on jigheads. Both riggings can be effective, as well as unweighted weedless hooks.

When I rig this lure, I always use a loop knot like the Non-Slip Loop Knot to connect my line to the hook. The loop knot gives the EZ ShrimpZ more action, which naturally already has great action, making it an even deadlier lure.

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Cons

cons of the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

I haven’t found many problems with these lures, but there are a few.

1. Difficulty Finding Replacement Hooks 

I had trouble finding replacement Z-Man hooks like the ones that come in the rigged packs of the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ. I bought my EZ ShrimpZ in a store and the store did not have the Z-Man hooks to replace the ones from the rigged packs.

2. The Lure Turns on Its Side When Sitting on the Bottom

The weight on the Z-Man hooks that come in the rigged packs is very narrow. Therefore, when the lure sinks and is sitting on the bottom, it turns on its side and has a bit of an unnatural presentation. When bouncing this lure off the bottom, I have to make sure I do not let it sit on the bottom and turn on its side.

This hasn’t been a huge issue but is something to note when using these lures.

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Review Video

You can see my full review, including how to rig the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ and how they look underwater, in the video below:

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Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Colors

Overall, I really enjoy using the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ on the water. They are tough, have great action, and come in different colors I can use depending on the situation.

The cons to this lure are minimal and easy to overcome. I think that the benefits are far greater and that this is a lure worth adding to your own tackle box.

If you have any questions about this review or a suggestion for the next product for us to review, let us know in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget that we are not affiliated with any lure or fishing gear companies and that all our reviews are 100 percent independent.

Tight Lines!

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Bob Gahagan Jr.
1 year ago

What about the Ned rig for this?. Wouldn’t it stand straight up instead of laying on its side?

2 years ago

Hey Tony, the weighted hook was 0.2 ounces or 1/5th of an ounce when I weighed the hook without the lure awhile back.

Thanks for the video!

Dave Mousseau
2 years ago

Great report Tony. I’m a Big fan of Z-man baits. Will definitely be adding some of these to my arsenal.

Elijah Mua
2 years ago

Gotta admit that this review makes me want to go and see the action of the bait using the weedless weighted hook for the power prawn. I wonder if the rounded head with its weight forward will allow the Z-man bait to not roll over when at rest.

2 years ago

Tony, was curious have you used the VuDu Shrimps and any chance to get a similar type of review on them?

Franklin Valencia
2 years ago

Haha poor little shrimp needs a little nappy time on the pause! That’s embarrassing! A company that big, and can’t design the proper weighed hook for that thing. That’s probably why they don’t sell those hooks in separate packages.

Last edited 2 years ago by Franklin Valencia
George A
2 years ago

Tony, have you tried this shrimp on a swivel Texas Eye or Texas Eye finesse?

2 years ago

I used some Z Man prerigged shrimp this fall under a popping cork. I had no problem catching fish with them. They have some great color patterns.

My only complaint was they didn’t hold up compared to Vudu Shrimp.

Adam Bailey
2 years ago

Great underwater footage! I love seeing lures underwater like that.

I weighed the pre-rigged version and it’s 0.38 ounces with none of the lead removed from the hook. The weighted hook with all of the lead but without the shrimp is 0.2 ounces.

Last edited 2 years ago by Adam Bailey
4 years ago

Love this shrimp in two day i caught a surf bream of 1 kg a rather nice flounder a really ally nice golden spotted cod and a flathead in roughly 50 casts, they really work wasgetting sceptical in relation to soft pladtics fishing but my faith has been restored by this shrimp.


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