Limited Time F.R.E.D. the Jerk BOGO!!!


➡  Click Here To Claim This BOGO Deal  (Just click the link and when you pay for one pack, a free pack will be automatically added to your order.)

For a limited time, you can get TWO packs of F.R.E.D. jerk shad lures for the price of one.


F.R.E.D. the Jerk [VIDEO]

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The F.R.E.D the Jerk lure is a 5-inch jerk shad in our pink F.R.E.D. color.

You’re probably a bit more familiar with the Alabama Leprechaun jerk shad, which is the same profile as F.R.E.D. the jerk, just with a different color pattern.

I recommend rigging these lures up on our 3/0 Hoss Helix Hooks in 1/8 oz. for best results.

You can use these lures in various conditions ranging from when the water is crystal clear to murky and dirty.

The F.R.E.D. color is just dull enough to blend into clear conditions and appear natural but also has just enough silver flake in it to flash in dirty water.

Right now, you can capitalize on our current offer and pick up TWO packs of these lures for the price of one.

If this promotion runs out before you see this video, don’t worry you can always pick up F.R.E.D. the Jerk lures in our online tackle shop!

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Mark Ethridge Ethridge
1 year ago

just ordered but want to make sure I am getting 4 packs on a two pack order. Order only shows two packs.

AJ Cheung
1 year ago

Hi Mark, if I am not mistaken, the bogo packs will show up when you check out as long as the offer is still available. It did in my order.

Mark Ethridge Ethridge
1 year ago

Neve mind I didn’t read the details correctly.. I’m good.

AJ Cheung
1 year ago

Appreciate the video and the BOGO offer. I am excited for my order to arrive.
Thank you! Stay Safe

Bill Saunders
1 year ago

Glad to see that you are doing some sun protection. As a young fellow like you I never worried about tanning and sun protection. Now as an old man I just had three small in-situ malignant melanomas removed from my neck and shoulder. My wife recently had the same removed from her face. Fortunately, being in-situ and with the further excision that has been done, we should be fine. But it is best if when young you protect yourself. You are one of my favorite guides and I always appreciate your concise and informative videos.

David Kenley
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Saunders

Thanks for the warning about skin cancer! I didn’t worry enough about it when I was younger either. Now I am paying the price too. And don’t forget to protect your children. I hope that this helps someone.

Pat Roll
1 year ago

So if you buy the 100 bag do you get a 100 bag for free?

Ted Cooper
1 year ago

So will the deal work for bulk Fred since you don’t have small packages of 7?

Lee Howell
1 year ago

Pretty awesome that you have a deal on a sold out product…

Richard Chador
1 year ago

Nice video thank you. What type of boat/skiff are you on? I’m looking to by my first flats setup and can use a little help. Thank you! Richard

1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I also have a Gheenoe with a 15hp and trolling motor. It scoots plus it is awesome in very shallow water. I’ve had several types of boats but this is my favorite for inshore. Ken


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