Z-Man Slam Shady TRD iCast Showcase [Evolution Of Slam Shady]


We’re here talking about the Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD at iCast!!

We met up with Glenn Young, the National Sales Manager for Z-Man, at iCast to talk more about new products and lures.

In this video, we document the evolution of the Slam Shady color and the excitement surrounding the color.

Check it out!!

Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD [VIDEO]

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A few years back we collaborated with Z-Man to find the perfect lure color for inshore saltwater fishing.

And we did it in the Slam Shady color.

The first lure in the Slam Shady color was the Z-Man 3″ MinnowZ and then the DieZel MinnowZ came out in the Slam Shady color later on.

From there, the color just took off and branched out into a few different lure profiles and sizes.

At the same time, the Slam Shady color was taking off in the Bass Fishing world because of how well the color performed in freshwater fishing situations.

But the Bass Anglers were using these lures on Ned Rig jigheads which were completely new to saltwater fishing.

Little did we know, that would spark a use of Ned Rig jigheads in the saltwater world.

So Z-Man got with us and we all thought it is best to create TRD lures in the Slam Shady color.

Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD Lure

At first glance, the TRD looks like a short worm.

But the finesse application of this lure has crossed over into saltwater fishing when we find ourselves fishing heavily pressured fish or fishing crystal clear water.

The TRD does not strictly identify as one type of bait fish because of its profile it can mimic countless food sources in the water.

It is all up to the angler and how that lure is presented in certain scenarios.

In specific fishing situations, sometimes a paddletail or jerk shad can be too intrusive and almost spook fish out of a spot due to constant commotion.

The TRD is a fantastic alternative lure if you need to downsize to something less than 3 inches.

Rigging Applications & The Ned Rig

Thicker-wire hooks sized 2/0 or 3/0 are unnecessary on a small finesse bait like the TRD.

The versatility of the TRD is hindered by using a hook that is too big or too clunky.

Your presentation just won’t look natural or appealing to predatory fish in the area.

The Ned Rig jighead has two main rigging presentations in either hard bottom or soft bottom.

If you are fishing hard bottom like shell or rock, then you can cast the Ned Rig out and your lure will be noticed as it sits on the bottom.

Or, you can use a swimming retrieve when fishing over soft bottom.

If you are fishing hard, sandy bottom, then a Slam Shady TRD rigged on a NedLockZ Jighead is the way to go.

But in areas where a swimming presentation is required, you might have to go weedless.

In that situation, the NedLockZ EWG Jigheads are a great choice.

You can rig the smaller TRD weedless on a wide-gap hook to preserve the action and avoid catching clumps of grass.

Now you can work this lure around picky, pressured fish without picking up unwanted weeds.


The Slam Shady lure color just flat-out works without question.

It is already available in so many different shapes and sizes of lures with more on the way.

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What lure do you want to see in the Slam Shady color?

Let us know if you have any questions for Glenn or myself down in the comments!!

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Jeff Chancellor
1 year ago

Great video regarding new techniques. Especially important for rigging and hook selection. Could use something new to try out throughout the Cape Fear area in NC.

Alan Peltzer
1 year ago

How about the 5″ diezel minnow? That is a great profile that would kill it in the slam shady color. Those little ticklerZs are also great. A little more action than that std TRD.

Kenneth Ardanowski
1 year ago

Looks good Justin.

Rob S
1 year ago

In terms of lure presentation, are there significant differences between using the Shroomz and Texas Eye jigheads over hard, sandy bottom? The Texas Eye is usually rigged weedless making it versatile over open or patchy bottoms. Any future plans to make an articulating Shroomz jig head like what was done with the TroutEye/Texas Eye?

Xavier Muniz
1 year ago

Do you plan to offer the NedLockZ options that were referenced, or should we be good with the already existing tackle options available in the shop?

Scott Redding
1 year ago

Wow can’t wait to try it!

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

Justin, what is the recommended weight?

Dwight Cassidy
1 year ago

This looks like a winner.

Richard Thomas
1 year ago

This is going to be killer!!!

Joseph Simonds
1 year ago

I can’t wait to use the Ned Rig Slam Shady!!


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