The Invisible Chemical That Scares Fish Away (And Ruins Your Fishing)


What could be the invisible chemical that scares fish away?

Are we talking about oil? Storm drain runoff? Fertilizer runoff?


If your lure, hook, or even line smells like chemicals, fish won’t touch your offering.

Check this out!!

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Invisible Chemical That Scares Fish [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version to follow along with this episode:

  • 1:55 – Invisible Chemicals that DESTROY Your Chances of Catching Fish
  • 2:40 – The Scientific Angler
  • 4:14 – Fish Sense of Smell
  • 5:16 – Minimizing Negative Scents
  • 5:40 – Here’s What Happened
  • 6:50 – Sunscreen: The Invisible Chemical
  • 10:25 – Negative Scents
  • 13:05 – Tie your knots/lines THE DAY BEFORE you head out fishing
  • 13:30 – Sunscreens & Chemical Effects
  • 16:30 – Dr. Juice
  • 17:04 – Scents will coat your fishing line
  • 20:50 – Dr. Juice Scent Experiments
  • 24:15 – Negative Smell Tracks
  • 27:10 – Stay away from the chemicals!

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Invisible Chemical That Scares Fish [VIDEO]

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best sunscreen for fishermen

Believe it or not, the chemicals and odors in certain creams and lotions can turn fish away from your offering even if you are in the best spot, using the best lures, and there are feeding fish near you.

Don’t apply sunscreen or lotions before tying your knots!!!

Fish have a heightened sense of smell that will turn a fish away from your offering if it has a foreign odor attached to it.

And just a general rule of thumb, be aware of what you are putting on your body!

Do you have any questions related to the invisible chemical that scares fish away?

Let us know what you make of this!

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Paul DiLucchio
1 year ago

Will Dr. Juice ever come out in a spray versions?

Vincent C Ruggiero
1 year ago

Huge SS fan. Always learn. With serious reluctance, I am compelled to agree with positive scents, but do not love scents because in a way I feel it is less “sporting”. Regardless, I do it often, as I don’t want to be skunked. So, in another rare instance of candor, may I please mention a me-only (I think) hack that I have never read about. When I make bacon, I save the grease. Same if I make a roast or open a can of anchovies with my martinis or whatever – – I save the oil/grease (even sometimes combine them). The gunk hardens in refrig but melts in sun. Anyway, I dunk my lure in it. It does not last more than 4 or 5 casts, but it is free $ and kinda homemade. And when it hits the water, there is an instant oil slick. I have done Luke-Like tests, let’s say 15 min with and then 15 min without my gunk. And again, I HATE to say it, but I really believe it matters, not so much for reaction strikes (when I make a lucky-perfect cast), and not so much if there are several fish competing for my lure. But overall I seem to catch more with the gunk-on-my-junk, as the percentage of fish-on-to-casts is a remarkable increase. I still buy and use Dr J though! And to be honest, half the time I hardly care about scent, as I am enjoying everything on my kayak, though no one loves a skunk day so I do a soft-cheat and use it 😉

Joseph Johnson
1 year ago

Can you guys get the rights and republish the Scientific Angler? Its just not available.

Wade Leffel
1 year ago

Is Furniture polish bad to spray on reel to protect them from the salt Doug Hannon told me to do that

James Kennedy
1 year ago

I keep a bar of old school ‘pumice’ soap in a small Tupperware on board. It will/should take off chemicals from my hands. What does Dr. Say to clean with. Suggestion for podcast: sound transmission from boat.

1 year ago

Great video lesson! and Congrats on engagement Luke!

1 year ago

A lot of soap is scented. What soap do you recommend? I have heard Lemon Joy.

Keith Powalie
1 year ago

Do you recommend the spray scents on action lures, top water/cranks ETC.

Markus Quinones
1 year ago

I don’t know if this was mentioned but the residue of insect repellent from your hands or the fact that the repellent was sprayed anywhere near your fishing line or tackle will turn fish away. I’ve witnessed this first hand on a couple of occasions, taking guests on my boat who later in the morning applied insect repellent. I now bring a jug of tap water with a touch of non-scented soap in it, on the boat in case we need to wash chemicals off of our hands.

Mark Ethridge Ethridge
1 year ago

Great podcast guys. Which zinc based sunscreen is Joe recommending now? His earlier videos were all for Elta MD but he mentioned a different brand in this podcast.


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