Best Sunscreen & Bug Repellent Alternatives (That Don’t Have Chemicals)


There’s no getting around it…

When you’re fishing you’re going to be under the sun and out with the bugs.

You could use sunscreen and bug repellent, but do those even work? And are they worth it?

Well, they usually work for a little bit, but then you need to constantly reapply.

And considering both of these are full of chemicals, bad for the environment, may keep you from catching fish, and sunscreen may even cause cancer, I’d say they’re not worth it.

So what can you do?

Use face shields and gloves.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why face shields and gloves are the best sun and bug protection
  • What to look for when choosing face shields and gloves
  • What extra benefits these have in addition to protecting you from the sun and bugs
  • And much more

Check it out below.

Best Sun Protection For Fishermen [VIDEO]

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Using Gloves While Fishing

Not only can gloves protect your hands from the sun and bugs, but they also protect your hands when paddling or push poling from blisters or (if you’re using fiberglass poles or paddles) stray fibers.

When you’re looking for gloves, look for gloves that are made of lightweight material and that have tougher cloth or silicone on the palms and fingers for better grip.

And when you go to grab fish, make sure your gloves are wet so that you remove as little of their slime as possible.

And finally, be careful when using treble hooks because they have a knack for getting stuck in gloves.

To combat that, if you use hard plastics with treble hooks, I definitely recommend switching your treble hooks for single inline hooks.

The gloves that I use are Buff Eclipse Gloves.

Using Face Shields While Fishing

When choosing a face shield (aka buff, neck gaiter, etc.), make sure to get one made of lightweight and breathable material (I recommend avoiding cotton) in a light color so that it doesn’t attract as much heat.

Also, I prefer ones with holes or mesh where your mouth goes because it makes it easier to breathe and you’re less likely to fog up your glasses.

Finally, choose one that has seams on both ends and is stretchy, not one that just looks like someone cut out a cylinder of fabric.

Quick tip: when wearing a face mask without mouth holes, breathe through your mouth and press your lips against the shield so that your breath goes out through the shield instead of up and into your sun glasses.


how to hold a seatrout

Although most people use sunscreen and bug repellent, it’s much better to use face shields and gloves.

It’s better for you, the fish, and the environment, plus it’s more effective.

How do you protect yourself from the sun and bugs?

Have any questions about face shields and gloves?

Let us know in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s sick of sunscreen and bug repellent, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

So true when you said that you’ll get used to wearing gloves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven home and forgotten I have them on until I go up to a drive through window to get my food.


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