Salt Strong Newsletter: 9-15-2019

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Happy Sunday Salt Strong Nation!

Were you able to get out on the water and catch some fish this weekend?

Judging by all the pictures we’ve been sent, a lot of you have!

But if you didn’t, here’s your opportunity to change that this week.

From popping cork tips, to new spots, to shrimp tips and more, we’ve got some great articles and videos for you here.

And if you want to unlock the exclusive Insider tips (and the Slam Shady’s!), click here to join the Insider Club.

Finally, huge shoutout to Insider member, John, for plucking the 27″ trout pictured above out of Mosquito Lagoon!

What a beast!

Onto the newsletter now, enjoy!

This Strategy Worked Great For Topwater Lures This Week

This trend has continued to work well even when switching over to exclusively using topwater plugs while testing out the Skitterwalk vs. the Super Spook.
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How To Rig Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp For More Bites [Product Review]

Do you want to know if the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp really work? Then check out this review with the pros and cons of the Berkley Gulp Shrimp.
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Best Shrimp Lures To Fish Under A Popping Cork [Brand Comparison]

Do you fish artificial shrimp under a popping cork? Watch this video where we do a brand comparison to see which shrimp is the best to use under a cork.
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How To Rig A Popping Cork For Redfish (Best Knots, Corks & Rigs)

Are you rigging popping corks properly? If you want to catch big redfish, every little detail matters. To see the best knots, popping corks, and...
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Trolling For Wahoo & Marlin in Hawaii [+ Giant Squid Encounter]

Have you been fishing in Hawaii? It's amazing! Check out this video for marlin and wahoo trolling action, beautiful scenery, and a giant squid sighting!
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Rod and Reel Setups: Covering the Water Columns

We have had a few questions come in recently on rods and reels. The latest question was in regards to how many setups you should...
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Following Current Trends and Tactics for a Productive Trip [On-the-Water Trip Analysis]

I haven’t been on the water in a few weeks, so this trip report will show the tactics I used to dial in on fish....
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3 Tips To Land Big Fish On Light Tackle

Do you know what to do if you catch a big fish on light tackle? Here are three tips to help you in case you hook into the fish of a lifetime on light line.
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Spot Dissection: Finding Spots in Murky Water Areas [Carlos Bay, TX]

This Spot Dissection will be covering some tips for finding ideal spots in murky water areas using the maps. Always keep in mind that these...
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Snook Fishing Tips With The Captain Who’s Landed Over 300,000 Snook!

Want to catch more snook? The "Mad Snooker" has caught over 300,000 and is sharing tons of secrets, including his favorite spots, baits, tides and more!
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Zachary Buendia

This Strong Angler of the Week is catching some huge redfish and snook, all while creating some awesome memories with his friends and family!
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Valentine Thomas: Drowning As A Kid To Anxiety Attacks To Spearfishing

Valentine Thomas has an amazing story of how she nearly drowned, got bullied, and conquered her fears to live her dream life spearfishing.
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