3 Tips To Land Big Fish On Light Tackle


What a fun snook!

I was testing out one of our new Slam Shady lures the other day when I hooked into a +40″ snook on a 2000 size spinning reel with 10 lb braid.

Sounds awesome, right?

It was, except for the fact that I was near oyster bars and mangrove islands, and had Otis on board, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to land her!

When I finally did land her, she was 4-5″ longer than my 36″ measuring stick, and is my biggest snook on artificials so far.

Do you know what to do if you hook into the fish of a lifetime on light tackle?

To save you the potential heartbreak of getting broken off by a trophy fish, I put together these three tips for fighting big fish on light line.

Check out the video below to see them, plus a bonus tip.


3 Tips To Land Big Fish On Light Tackle [VIDEO]

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This snook one of the many big snook and redfish I caught that weekend.

I did a full breakdown of what was working that weekend in the Insider Club, plus an overview of the exact spot on the map, so click here to join if you want to see it.


If you hook into a big fish on light tackle, remember these four things:

  1. Try to get yourself away from structure so you won’t get broken off. If you’re in a kayak, at least try to anchor down so you don’t get pulled into structure.
  2. Set the drag to 20-30% of the weakest line strength
  3. Have faith in your drag and don’t tighten it when fighting the fish

Bonus tip: if you have a dog that has sharp nails and a history of jumping in the water and breaking off big fish, secure him on the boat so he can’t jump in.

Have any questions about fighting big fish on light tackle?

Let me know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

i”v gotten a 16in trout two of them on prech head on a 7/0 circle hook

Robert Knowles
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Otis needs his own GoPro, never seen a dog so interested and focused on what you catch.

Jose Angel Morales
4 years ago

Luke, have you ever fished a Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab, if so, how would you fish it? I would like to see a video tutorial. Thanks.

Gordon Cottrill
4 years ago

Omg, what a great fish on that light line. You did a great job getting it in.
I’ll be out there this winter and hope I can get one half that size.

Bill Williams
4 years ago

I learned this lesson over the weekend. Hooked a big snook in my kayak when I was about 30 feet off the mangrove line (unanchored). He made a beeline for the trees and I was powerless to stop him. By the time I got my anchor pin unhooked and ready to stick, the nose of my kayak was up in the mangroves. Needless to say, it broke me off a few seconds later.

Thomas Campbell
4 years ago

Great tips man! I know what to look for as far as performance goes, and I like light tackle fishing. Do you think modern light tackle rods are capable of fighting a big fish like that? In Pensacola we don’t get snook but we get black drum and bull reds all year! What is the lightest you will go or do you just pick the rod a rod that has the best action for throwing artificial?


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