Best Shrimp Lures To Fish Under A Popping Cork [Brand Comparison]

By: Tony Acevedo on September 12, 2019
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best brand of artificial shrimp to use under a popping cork

It’s artificial shrimp time!!!

What’s your go-to artificial shrimp when fishing it under a popping cork?

Do you just buy whatever is available at the store?

Or whatever the fishing magazines tell you to get?

Depending on which lure you choose, you could be making a big mistake.

If you’re fishing artificial shrimp under a cork, two of the main things that will help it catch fish are:

  1. The action of the shrimp as it darts through the water
  2. How the shrimp settles when the cork is still

So we took seven of the most popular brands of artificial shrimp and tested these two factors.

Here’s the lineup of soft plastic shrimp baits that we tested in this video below.

ChaseBaits USA Flick Prawn Shrimp

chase baits usa flickprawn

D.O.A Shrimp

doa shrimp

Savage Gear Shrimp

savage gear shrimp

VuDu Shrimp

vudu shrimp

Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

zman ez shrimpz

Z-Man Scented ShrimpZ

zman scented shrimpz

Berkley Gulp Shrimp

berkley gulp shrimp new penny

Want to see how they stacked up against each other?

Check out the video below.

P.S. – We’re not affiliated with any of these lure companies, we just created this video to show you the difference between them.

Enjoy and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Shrimp Under A Popping Cork Test [VIDEO]

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Are you surprised?

Which of these lures are you going to use?


best artificial shrimp under popping cork

If you’re fishing shrimp under a popping cork, a big factor that determines how well it will catch fish is the way it moves through the water and settles when the cork is still (especially in clear water).

Three of the lures that had the best action and settled in the water horizontally (which is natural for a shrimp) were these pre-rigged, segmented shrimp:

Have any questions about using artificial shrimp under popping corks?

Let us know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to share this with someone who uses artificial shrimp!

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Raymond Bierschenk
8 months ago

Good info as always.

Kyle Arola
8 months ago

One huge aspect of this discussion that you did not cover was murky water/clear water and your choice of artificial shrimp.
I would imagine the more life like / horizontally suspended shrimp would work fantastic in clearer waters, and the more erratic smelly doesn’t really matter how they hang in the water baits would work better in the murky water where fish rely less on sight and more on scent vibration and action in the water?
Thanks for your excellent work Tony! I’m Also looking forward to a shootout of sorts comparing these baits.

Bill Orange
8 months ago

Nice video. How much does scent matter ?? Last week I used a 3″ DOA inshore in SE GA and the trout loved it. My wife was using live shrimp and catching little croakers and squirrel fish. I got tired of feeding them live shrimp, switched to DOA and the trout hit it every time.

Jim Carter
8 months ago

Tony, how much do you think currents would affect the resting angle of the lure?

Jim Carter
8 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Silly me I responded to me – sorry was my first post. Thanks for yore great response – I love the underwater views they are very informative. Again, thank you.

Jim Carter
8 months ago
Reply to  Jim Carter

Great point – love your underwater views they are so informative. Thank you.

Scott Rispaud
8 months ago

Hey hey Tony! Hope all is well. I appreciate the video as it’s titled since the cork plays a big role suspending the bait. Horizontal at rest is really good info. Not to be confused of course with the action of those same shrimp being fished without a cork on the flats and grass. Well done, clear, concise, short and to the point. I’ve spent time in front of a camera and you are a natural! See ya soon my friend.


Robert Sonny Jarrell
8 months ago

Where can we buy the USA chase bait.

Robert Sonny Jarrell
8 months ago

This young man Tony is good in all of his videos. I have seen bait and pool test from others that have to much information. he keeps it simple and understandable. You are a natural w a great voice. Keep them coming.
Sonny Jarrell

Steven Carter
8 months ago

Nice work Tony, thanks! The big question still remains whether the differences in presentation actually result in catching more fish—it seems like it should but maybe a side-by-side fishing contest is warranted?

Tom Watts
8 months ago

Capt. Tony, Great stuff. Really helps. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

Stephen Scott
8 months ago

great look, wish you would have tried the live target shrimp but awesome stuff!

8 months ago

What size and would I buy for catching snook and redfish in my canal. I have never used artificial baits.thanks

8 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks so much for the information. Anxious to try

Mark Riedy
8 months ago

Thanks Tony,
This seems to be such a simple thing but can be a game changer. Thanks for showing this important tip.

8 months ago

Hello, greetings Tony. introduce my name abui from jakarta city, indonesia.

I have question. popping cork vudu shrimp can catch barramundi?

David Brust
David Brust
8 months ago

Great video. Very informative. thanks

Mel Bledsoe
8 months ago

I have used the gulps several times and only caught a few fish. Now I see why. Thanks for the great info, Tony.

Daniel Pletcher
8 months ago

I already have some of the Z man scented shrimpz so I will be trying them soon. Thanks Tony

8 months ago

Vu-du shrimp every time.

Pablo Diaz
8 months ago

Great video Tony agree with the action and rest position look more lifelike
How far back was the shrimp from the cork? How did you setup the cork?

Pablo Diaz
8 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks again

William Littrell
8 months ago

Nicely done. Thanks for the fish eye view

Steven Free
8 months ago

I have not used popping corks that much but i have used the gulp shrimp on them but i used a circle hook instead of a jighead and i wiuld assume because of the serious weight difference im sure the gulp might of rested more horizontal as compared to the one you tested with a jighead but i imagine most all of the baits would because a jighead has a tendency of making the bait go head down or at a different angle then just horizontal thanks for the vid and all you do😁