Gulp Shrimp: Are You Rigging Them Upside Down By Accident?

By: Tony Acevedo on January 25, 2019
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how to rig gulp shrimp

It’s Gulp Shrimp Time (again…)

Earlier this week, Tony posted a video about the top 3 ways to rig a Gulp Shrimp (you can see it here).

The video received a ton of shares and engagement, but one comment kept coming up over and over again both on our blog, Facebook, and YouTube…

“Hey Tony, you’re rigging the Gulp shrimp upside down…”

So we decided to do a follow-up video to get everyone straight on the correct way to rig.

Watch it and below and hit us up with comments.

Tight lines!

Gulp Shrimp: Rig Upside Down Or Rightside Up?

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Any questions on rigging these Gulp shrimp?

Do you have any other

Let us know in the comments below.

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Bob Young

It doesn’t freaking matter! Put a good bait in front of fish’s nose and they’ll eat it. The hard part is locating the fish!

Brent Hess

Have you ever used these gulp shrimp under a popping cork like you would with live shrimp?

Gary Hartge

I have and have had good luck in the summer for trout and mackerel. Usually white with a chartreuse tail. I know a couple of guides that also use that rig here on the west coast of Florida, Big Bend.

Edward Kurtiak

I have used various colors on a jig head, under a popping cork, with a 18
to 24 inch leader. Caught trout, red fish, lady fish, jacks, etc., in the Marco Island, Goodland area.

Glenn Acomb

Thanks for the clarification. I have wondered about the color scheme of the new penny Gulp, but I would always rig the shrimp so the jig or weedless rig runs upright.

Captain Brian Davis


Paul Giannetto

Hi Tony. Thank you for the clarification. I would have rigged it incorrectly without your advice. It is these little finesse points that can makethedifference.

David LaPointe

Usually takes me a few tries to get it straight. You make it look easy!

Chad Strickland

We went out of Holden Beach NC last week, nothing hit our new penny shrimp, we had them upside down. We caught several small trout on the gulp white mullet though. Thanks for the tip Tony, we’re still learning. Joining Salt Strong was a good decision for sure, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the information. We tried the “artificial only” route back in November for the first time with great success! Can’t wait to get back on the water!

Joey Padgett
Joey Padgett

Ty you made me realize I’ve been doing it wrong.

Nathan Fulks

I rig a lot of gulp shrimp with a Carolina rig for flounder. Works really well.

Doug Spears

Ahhhh, I generally use the natural color or white and couldn’t see the the detail of this new penny in the first video. Thanks for clarifying and glad to know I wasn’t righting mine upside down!

John Cho

This is the Fun part of Fishing; up, down, sideways if u like. All I know is I am getting More Gulp and watching for More ways to help me catch fish and enjoy my time on the water. Keep up the good work !!!

Thomas Wilcox

Among the many options Tony had for responses to people questioning his ability to rig a Gulp Shrimp properly, this was the best one. 🙂 Thanks Tony!

Thomas Marks

Great follow up on the Gulp Shrimp rigging.

John Dunkhase

So the question is WHY did Gulp make this particular color scheme the reverse of the common scheme of light color on the bottom dark color on top?

Luke Simonds

I believe it was due to one of these two:
1. They purposely put the light on top and the dark on the bottom so that it could stand out better for the fish to more easily see it (lighter color stands out more when looking from above against a bottom that’s normally darker, and the darker color stands out more when looking from below to the sky that’s normally lighter).
2. They accidentally swapped the colors on their shrimp mold for the New Penny color pattern, and just stuck with it after seeing that it worked (this actually is plausible because the “New Penny” color scheme on their jerk shads has the dark red on the top and the lighter color on the bottom).

John Dunkhase

Thanks Luke. So maybe it’s like you’ve been saying. The lure or the color doesn’t make that much of a difference if you gind the right spot where the fish are feeding they’ll eat whatever they come across tha5 looks like a meal. I definitely subscribe to the idea of carrying fewer lure and working more on findind the right spots.

Btw – high of 9 deg. here in Iowa today. 🤯 low of minus 11!

Luke Simonds

Stay warm up there John! I was thinking it was cold here due to the front that is pushing through, but I am now feeling quite warm after thinking about minus 11 degrees.

John Dunkhase

I HATE!!! ice fishing! So hard to cast into that little hole from 50 feet away! 🤪

Michael Bellet

Very funny, John……I ice fished once in my life and that was more than enough…NEVER AGAIN !

John Dunkhase

Me too Michael. One day of ice fishing eas the longest day of my life. Sitting on an turned over plastic bucket for six hourse freezing my butt off to catch six 4 inch long crappie! 🤯

Daniel Vader

Turns out it’s Gulp that got it wrong. In nature the dark would be on the top and the light would be on the bottom.