Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet Review [UNDERWATER FOOTAGE]


A popular inshore fishing lure is the Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet.

This is one of my favorite lures to throw at juvenile tarpon. It can also be used to target redfish, trout, snook and even black drum.

This lure has a tail similar to a bass worm tail, which gives it some very vibrant action in the water.

After thoroughly using the Gulp Swimming Mullet, I wanted to give you my honest review of this lure.

In this review, I give you my top pros and cons for the Gulp Swimming Mullet. I also show you how to rig and retrieve this lure in the video review at the bottom of the page.

Note: We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies. If you’ve used the Gulp Swimming Mullet, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section. We love to hear your honest feedback!

The Gulp Swimming Mullet Specs

Gulp Swimming Mullet Pack

The Gulp Swimming Mullet is a soft plastic lure that is best rigged on a jighead. I like to rig this lure on the Saltwater Assasin Pro Elite Jighead.

This is a scented lure as well and comes with the Gulp scented juice in the pack.

The lure comes in four different sizes: a 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ model.

The lure comes in 4-11 different color combinations depending on the size of the lure.

The 3″ model comes with 11 Gulp Swimming Mullet per pack. The 4″ model comes with 10 per pack, the 5″ model comes with four per pack, and the 6″ model comes with three per pack.

Each pack of Gulp Swimming Mullet is $6.99 on the Berkley website.

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Top Three Pros & Cons Of The Gulp Swimming Mullet

Gulp Swimming Mullet alone

In this section, I give you my top three pros and cons of the Gulp Swimming Mullet.

Top Pros Of The Swimming Mullet

Gulp Swimming Mullet Catching Redfish

See below for the top pros for this lure:

1. Easy To Use

This lure is easy to use.  It casts well and is simplistic.  It can’t really be used a wrong way in the water.

2. Can Cover A Lot Of Water 

This is a lure you can cast far and cover a lot of water with. It is a good bait to “search fish” to find where they’re holding in a feeding zone.

3. Can Be Retrieved Many Ways

You retrieve the Gulp Swimming Mullet in a number of different ways to give it a different action. It’s great for twitch-twitch-pause retrieves, fast retrieves, slow rolling and even straight retrieves. The action makes this lure very versatile.

Top Cons Of The Swimming Mullet

Fouled up Gulp Swimming Mullet

This section covers the top cons of the lure:

1. Hard To Rig Weedless

This is a lure that is difficult to rig weedless. It does not fit very well on traditional weedless hooks. If you do want to rig it weedless, you most likely need to find some weedless jigheads in order for it to work effectively. This sometimes prevents you from being able to fish this lure over grass flats.

2. Can Foul Up

The longer tail and shorter body on this lure can cause it to foul up on the hook during casts and retrieves.

3. Durability

Like other Gulp products, there are durability concerns with this lure. The head can break down quicker than other lures. The lure will slide off the hook once the head breaks down.

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Gulp Swimming Mullet Video Review

In this video, I give you my full review of the Gulp Swimming Mullet. I also show you how it looks when retrieved different ways and give you my top rigging tips for this lure.

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Tarpon On the Gulp Swimming Mullet

This is a good lure to consider when targeting inshore fish.

It’s definitely used better certain ways than others and I highly suggest using this with a jighead.

It’s not perfect but can be effective for many different species.

If you have any questions about the Gulp Swimming Mullet or how to use it, let us know in the comments below.

Remember, we are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies and all our reviews are objective.

Tight Lines!

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Ronald R Guarascio
1 year ago

Can they be used in freshwater?

Dick McGee
5 years ago

It isn’t true that the color doesn’t get affected. You’ll notice that the white gulp products come in a clear gulp juice. If you place the white gulp products into the brown gulp juice, they get tinted brown and lose some of their brightness.

Steve Schmaus
5 years ago

Hooking the bait / artificial bait hasn’t been so much of an issue for me. My challenge particularly with the artificial is the retrieve on how to make it look real and I understand how fast or slow to retrieve depending on the time of year and water temps and such. I’ve seen underwater videos to show how real they look but unless I just missed the videos I haven’t seen anything that really discusses how to actually retrieve. Tired of using way too much live bait . Help?

5 years ago

I want to know if you can use them on a popping cork and still catch as much fish as the gulp shrimp on a popping cork because the swimming mullet is cheaper for the quantity that you get.

Frank Bellizio
5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I fish this plastic a lot for trout, redfish and mackerel. Many times pin fish and puffers take the tail and I have found that the trout will continue to just bite on the body section. When the body section is small I keep it in the Gulp liquid and then use it on my hook, just like you would shrimp, when using a popin bobber. I like it better than shrimp because it is not as fragile as shrimp.

Ron Langford
5 years ago

Tony, great tip. Do you thing the tail on this lure works the same as a paddle tail in dirty water? Does it draw fish by noise same as a paddle tail? Thanks, Ron

5 years ago

Capt. Tony, Great! I have used these before, and had some good success. But you had a complete discussion. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples

Glenn Acomb
5 years ago

Tony, I tend to have the same issue with this bait as with the shrimp — the pinfish love to bite off the end of the tail. So in grass flats I tend to avoid using them unless I have jig heads with mono weed guard. In mangroves, they work great.

Glenn Acomb
5 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Good point about the retrieve. So here’s a question — If pinfish are regularly following the swimming mullet, will a sea trout attack the mullet or the pinfish? And if the pinfish are constantly bothering the mullet, does that mean that sea trout are not around and one should move on?

Frank Bellizio
5 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Acomb

I have found when using the 4″ swimming minnow the trout will continue to hit on just the body section.

Glenn Acomb
5 years ago
Reply to  Frank Bellizio

Thanks Frank.

Mark H Hurley
5 years ago

Does the juice go bad? I had some old ones where the juice turned brown.

Michael Teague
5 years ago

Heya Tony, what I do to alleviate the tail catching the hook is simply turn the bait so the tail “hooks” away from the hook. (down) this hasn’t seemed to affect my bite rate in the slightest, but has eliminated the problem you discussed about the tail catching on the hook point.
Screamin’ drags sir!

Richard Kucharski
5 years ago

Work great off the beach for flounder.

Robert Fontana
5 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

There are some really good YouTube videos by John Skinner on fishing for flounder with GULP curly tails. He did a really nice job with them.

Roy Inouye
5 years ago

I’ve used them for awhile here in Texas for flounders an have had very good luck with them.


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