How To Catch Big Redfish & Snook [Fishing Q&A VIDEO]

How To Catch Big Redfish & Snook

Some great questions have been getting submitted in the Comment feeds on our Fishing Tips articles.

So we’ve decided to make a point to formally answer many of them in posts like this going forward knowing that there are surely many others who are having the same questions or problem.

To kick off this Q&A series, here’s a post that answers a question that was submitted by David:


I’m a fisherman out of Yankeetown who has been land fishing the majority of the time.  I recently purchased my first boat after way too long…lol. I have a hard time locating fish when I’m in the boat.
I can find fish by watching the birds, but that’s only when fish are schooling.
I’m seeing all these big redfish and snook being caught, but it seems like I can never catch them.
I’ve never caught a slot snook or a red over 24 inches. What am I doing wrong? Some of my buddies say it’s my bad luck. Any advice would be much appreciated.


how to catch big snook and redfish

This video explains 2 core strategies to catch big redfish and snook that anglers who are having success with smaller can use to improve their average catch size.

Best of all, you’ll see some cool drone footage showing that the big snook were holding exactly where they were they were supposed to be based on the first core strategy highlighted in the video.

Click on the video image below to watch the lesson:


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Learning how to catch big redfish and snook can be a daunting task without help because they are big for a reason because they are the smartest and most capable ones to have been able to survive so long.

I was in the same position that David described for many years before I started (1) getting better at isolating the areas where the bigger reds and snook were holding.

And then years after being able to catch the big ones with live bait, I began (2) learning how to select the proper lures that could fool them to decide to strike throughout the various seasons.

If you find yourself in need of getting over either of those two hurdles, then I highly recommend giving our Fishing Club a try because you’ll get immediate access to essential courses:

1. Finding Spots Mastery Course: detailed strategies for isolating the top feeding zones based on the season, tides, and weather patterns.

2. Positioning Mastery Course: in-depth gameplans for approaching your selected spot and positioning yourself so that you can get close to big fish without spooking them.

Plus, you’ll get access to the network of over 5,000 anglers across the southeast who are sharing tactis and strategies for success on a real-time basis.

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Leslie Jeffery
3 years ago

I wonder who did your drone shot? I own a 4AC private island about a mile offshore in Yankeetown. It is within sight of land and covered with trees. Over the years we’ve had a blast there. Great fishing all around. I am going to be selling soon and would love to have a drone shot of it. Could you advise? Many thanks.

Last edited 3 years ago by Leslie Jeffery
5 years ago

Ha! I’m still laughing in disbelief. Having never even fished for a snook in Texas, I was lucky enough to fly to Florida and fish this past weekend with the Salt Strong masters CA Richardson and Peter Deeks. They put me on some BIG snook, trout, and reds!!! New personal best with the 27″ trout, and the 42″ snook.
Holy Moly, what a weekend!

Colin Campbell
5 years ago


Your drone video confirmed my contention that we only see or catch a mere fraction of fish that we cast to or drive by with our boats without knowing they are there.

Good stuff as usual,

Walter Abramitis
5 years ago

From the drone footage it looked like the snook were facing into the shoreline. How did you position to catch the snook? Did you catch those snook by casting over the fish? Thanks for the answer.

James Bear
5 years ago

Try using Gambler lures EZ swim baits 6.5 the big snook on the east coast in Stuart love em.

John Martin
5 years ago

When is snook season end? What drone do you use?


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