Fishing with Otis

Want to see more videos where we’re fishing with Otis?

Well here’s an assortment of some of the fun trips we’ve had with Otis on the boat “helping” us catch fish.


[Fishing Fail] One-Of-A-Kind Lure Stuck In Mangroves

When a lure is one-of-a-kind, you can't let a little snag in the mangroves stop you from retrieving it. But when you add a dog in the mix, then...
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How To Prepare For An Inshore Fishing Tournament In 3 Simple Steps

Want to learn how to prepare for a fishing tournament? Check out these 3 tips on how to prepare for a fishing tournament (plus some on the water footage).
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Sight Fishing Cobia On The Flats With Otis [Dog vs. Cobia]

Sight fishing cobia on the flats is always a special treat. This time it happened while I was fishing with Otis (100 lb yellow lab)... what a crazy battle!
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Five Strategies for Catching Fish in the Rain (with Otis the Salt Strong Dog)

See tips for catching fish in the rain along with a fun video showing a very big snook caught in the middle of a rainstorm (even with a crazy dog).
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Pro-Cure Bait Scent: How Many More Fish Does It Really Catch? [New Experiment]

Does Pro-Cure really work? Can you really catch more (and BIGGER) fish with it? Find out in this fun experiment I recently did using non-Pro-Cure vs Pro-Cure baits.
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The Best Way To Retrieve Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Jigs

It's paddle tail jig time! These somewhat basic lures can oftentimes be some of the most productive of all for pretty much any species that feed on small baitfish because they are so versatile.
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How To Fish The Flats In Windy Conditions [Positioning & Lure Selection Strategies]

This has been one of the windiest springs that I have ever experienced, so I decided to put this tutorial video together to show some strategies for handling the windy conditions. For many years I HATED the wind... but over time, I have not only lost my hatred of it, but I actually prefer a good 10+ [click to continue]
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3 Important Lessons All Anglers Can Learn From This Sarasota Bay Fishing Report

This Sarasota Bay fishing report reveals 3 essential lessons all inshore anglers need to know in order to consistently catch fish throughout the seasons.
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This Is How To Catch An Inshore Slam In Under 2 Hours With A Dog [VIDEO]

When I think about catching slams (redfish, seatrout, & snook), having a dog on the boat does NOT seem good... this trip to Clearwater, FL was different!
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Lure Testing Trip: Rapala Twitching Minnow vs. Exude Soft Plastic

Check out this latest inshore fishing trip where I compare the Rapala Twitching Minnow vs the Exude soft plastic lure (and my dog attacks a redfish)
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