This Is How To Catch An Inshore Slam In Under 2 Hours With A Dog [VIDEO]

By: Luke Simonds on August 29, 2017
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Ever caught an inshore slam with an energetic dog on your skiff?

Trust me, it’s not easy (but it does make for some entertaining footage as you’ll see below).

And it’s not just any dog that I had on my boat…

It was Otis.

Meet Otis (“the Salt Strong dog”):

  • 1.5-year-old yellow lab
  • Weighs 95 lbs
  • Absolutely LOVES fishing…
  • But completely loses it when a fish is on the line

Here’s a pic of Otis all smiles after chasing a 32″ snook all around a shallow flat:

Pic of Otis finally listening to a command (sit) after chasing a snook across a grass flat.

But I still enjoy bringing Otis out on the boat because he always increases the level of adventure given that it’s impossible to predict what he’ll do next.

You’ll see what I mean in the video below that was filmed during a quick morning exploration fishing trip to Clearwater, FL.

This video is great for anyone who likes fishing or dogs because there’s plenty of action from both parties.

Clearwater Fishing Report [Slam with Dog]

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The most important thing to focus on is becoming an expert at quickly finding the areas with the most feeding fish.

Because when you do that, everything else becomes easier so that you can:

  1. Catch lots of fish even on short trips
  2. Quickly find success even when exploring new areas
  3. Have fish-catching fun even when bringing a loud dog/human on board

The 3 most important functions you need to master to consistently catch inshore fish throughout the year:

  1. Being able to find good fishing spots (must-know seasonal patterns)
  2. Quickly assessing an area for being either a Feeding Zone or a Dead Zone
  3. Knowing the trends for general areas to focus on and which lures/baits to use

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redfish on green gulp

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For example, our Insiders got first access to this video footage.

Plus, they received supplemental videos showing me do my pre-trip planning activities before I left as well as the details on exactly where every fish was caught/seen on the trip using the lowest level view on Google maps.

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Fish On!

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Honest fisherman
Honest fisherman

Bro please stop trying to sell us the salt strong community thing . I enjoy your videos but in every video every email you postpone the info to the end and then ask for more like those anoying adds on YouTube …. but WAIT there’s more lol. Chill with this if you really wanna give out the info just give it out I’m Tired of seeing the “half “ info wait to the end please buy stuff platform everywhere it is literally turning me away from your channel . Either way much love tight lines


Nice happy smile

Vic Little

Curious why you release the fish the way you do? Carefully place the fish back into the water and letting it bite onto your thumb until it swims away on it’s own. I’ve seen this same type of release procedures on many of your videos. Can you explain why you do this? Thanks!

Richard Fiorentino

Luke – great job. Otis too!


Great vid- looks like you both were having an awesome time. What model Loomis rod is that- E6X Inshore…?

Charles BLUME

Great post! awesome catchs . Be safe during the storm.

Dave Frymier

This is a wonderful post. I’ve watched it twice.

Cowboy Everly

Howdy Luke….. Super Job & Continued Super Newsletter, Articles, Stories and Attitudes. You Guys are the Greatest, Luke you could write the book on Patience….

Justin Alderman

Man, Otis did some work there. Excellent video!

Jannette Ruiz

Koda story from me…here in F.W.Bch.,Fl.!!😀😎


Dude…I have a Fishing Freak of a dog too,his name is Koda…half choc.lab & half German Shepherd….he actually keeps an eye on my lines….patrols back & forth!!! If he hears me get excited or the reel spooling…he steps all on my feet as I’m trying to work the fish from boat or off shore line…. he has fallen in,jumped in,and paddled in !!! Added excitement for sure !!! Otis would be a great friend ! That looked like great fun in Clearwater !!! Thanks for sharing !!

Scott Seaton

Thanx for sharing Luke! Otis is hilarious! 🙂


Awesome video! Otis is hilarious.