Exploration Trip To Redington Beach With Otis [Fishing Report]


Here’s a fun fishing report that I filmed with Otis while we explored some new waters in Redington Beach, FL.

A meetup was posted in the Insider Community platform by Mitchell Landis on a day when I had a free morning to fish, so I was thrilled to join in on the fun.

I had never fished this area before, so I spent about 15 minutes looking over some satellite imagery maps after checking the tides/wind to put together a plan.

The fish were fortunately holding exactly where they were supposed to be so I was able to get in some fun catching on a short trip even when Otis was causing a lot of ruckus as usual.

Redington Beach Fishing Report

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Equipment Used:

Shallow Running Lure:

Dock Fishing (more than 2.5 ft) Lure:


Sight fishing on super calm and clear days is your best shot at landing a bigger fish.

Be sure to pre-plan your fishing trips and look for areas with seagrass and deeper pockets where fish will hold to maintain stable temperatures in the cold of winter!

Try to be as stealthy and quiet as you can and even if you fish with a dog as noisy as Otis, you can still catch some fish!

Do you have any questions about this On-The-Water Report?

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Jon Fortune
2 years ago

Nice report! Otis enjoys kissing the fish. Very cute.

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Jon Fortune

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment!

Amos S. Jones
2 years ago

I enjoy watching your videos and receiving great tips! I am considering becoming a full member.

Jon Fortune
2 years ago
Reply to  Amos S. Jones

Join Amos! It was the best decision I made. I have learnt so much in one yr. Catching way more fish!

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Amos S. Jones

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Amos! If you like what you’re seeing in the free stuff, you’re going to be blown away with how much detail we share in the Insider Club platform. I hope to see you in there soon.


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