Keep Doing THIS And You Will Never Catch Fish Using Popping Corks


Don’t make these popping cork mistakes!!!

Popping corks are popular amongst inshore saltwater anglers looking to present lures at a desired depth and portion of the water column.

Often, anglers make one of these three mistakes that completely hinder their popping cork presentation.

Learn how to avoid the top 3 popping cork mistakes below!!

Popping Cork Mistakes

why you shouldn't use popping corks

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Mistake #1

The first mistake anglers commonly make when fishing with popping corks is not allowing for a ‘dead drift’.

That applies to those that are using live bait or artificial lures alike.

‘Dead drift’ simply means allowing the popping cork to move with the current without any tension on the line.

Holding tension on the line as your popping cork drifts causes unnatural movement in the entire system creating an unnatural presentation.

You want to make sure your lure or live bait is drifting with the current naturally.

Another issue due to increased tension on the line is your lure’s presence in the water column.

If you have too much tension on the popping cork, your lure will slide up and out of your intended place in the water column.

The tension on the line is pulling your lure up further than you want it to be.

If you are working a proper dead drift, the weight of your jighead or weedless hook will bring the hook down to where it should be.

Mistake #2

A super common mistake many anglers often commit is popping the cork itself too much.

There is no secret recipe and the way you work the popping cork will depend on scenarios and conditions.

However, if you are repeatedly popping the cork, you are not giving the lure enough time to get back down in the strike zone.

You still want to create a solid pop on the cork but not so often where your lure is constantly out of the strike zone.

Sometimes, you do not even need to pop the cork at all.

Once you pop the cork, take a mental note of how long it takes for your lure to settle back down.

Right when you think the lure has settled back down is when it is a good time to continue with another solid pop of the cork.

Mistake #3

The last mistake most anglers make when using popping corks is popping their fishing rod with too much wild motion.

Vigorously popping the cork actually creates an unnatural presentation and can spook fish.

The cork will move way too far across the surface than it should.

The goal of the popping cork is to mimic or recreate the sound of a fish striking bait on the surface to spark a competitive bite.

So when the popping cork is dragged across the surface, it does not sound like a natural predatory fish strike.

In order to avoid making this mistake, try letting out just a little slack in your line before casting.

Just a little slack in the line when you go to make the first pop creates fast action on the system.

By leaving the line tight without any slack, you can risk inhibiting the overall snap and pop you want out of the cork.

The sound of the click of the beads on the popping cork will tell you if you’ve done it correctly or not.

Also, the beads attempt to simulate shrimp or baitfish trying to escape predatory fish.

#1 Artificial Lure To Use With Popping Cork

The #1 artificial lure to use with a popping cork is the Power Prawn U.S.A. artificial shrimp lure.

Shrimp profiles are an excellent pairing with popping corks.

The Power Prawn ‘Brazilian Shrimp’ in both larger and junior sizes are also perfect matches with a cork.

The size and weight of your presentation will vary depending on the size of bait in your area and conditions.

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Popping Cork Mistakes [VIDEO]

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Popping corks are designed to draw attention away from other bait and convince fish to strike your lure over anything else.

But, it can be easy to hinder your own presentation with a popping cork without even realizing it.

Next time you are out fishing with a popping cork, be sure to avoid making these crucial mistakes!

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Do you have any questions about popping cork mistakes?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Jeffrey babino
1 year ago

Hi I have a question about popping corks what is the right jig weight I have used a 1/8 oz thanks

James Wilson
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this video. It’s loaded with great information.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Only use popping corks on rare occasions usually in the winter with a gulp shrimp rigged on a circle hook but have had very limited success with them but your common mistakes that anglers make does make sense maybe I’ll try the more in the near future thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Joel Panian
1 year ago

Richard, thanks so much for sharing the knowledge! Do you recommend a loop knot for the jighead underneath the cork (using artificials)?

Thom Ray
1 year ago

Here’s a tip I picked up a few years back. To keep braid from tangling around the top wire of a popping cork , tie on a leader of stiff mono/flouro like 30-40lb about 12″ or so.

1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

I started using about 6″ of 20-30lb leader at top of popping cork last year because I got tired of tangles every time I cast and braid would wrap around top loop of cork shaft. Putting the leader piece in solved the entire issue.

Michael Giangeruso
1 year ago

I’ve always preferred the type you stick the green/black plastic rod through for versatility, but have been struggling to find them. I like the weighted green ones.

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Those are some good tips Richard! I rarely use popping corks but hate to admit they really work. It’s actually a great way to search for fish.

john mandt
1 year ago

Great tips Richard!!! Question…How do I determine the length of leader line to use? As always, Thanks! My kid and I are starting to find a lot more success out there!

1 year ago

Hello Richard, the lure you are using. The power prawn jr. It looks like a smaller version of the power prawn usa. I am not finding on the site to purchase. All I can find is the Brazilian jr. Is the power prawn usa jr. not available yet?

George Layton Layton
1 year ago

GREAT advice Richard, you are 100% spot-on with your advice !!! Thanks for sharing, those who have struggling should start catching a lot more fish !!


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