#1 Lure For Big Flounder In The Springtime

Do you think you have an idea of what the best lure for big flounder in spring is?

Finding the right lure to use for targeting big flounder can be a challenge.

Keep scrolling to learn all about the #1 lure for big flounder!!

Best Lure For Big Flounder

The best option we’ve come across for targeting big flounder is the 5-inch Z-Man Slam Shady Jerk Shad.

This is one of the best flounder magnets we have ever used!


The Z-Man Slam Shady Jerk Shad is 5-inches which is on the larger side of inshore soft plastic lures.

If you want to catch big flounder, then you have to increase the size of your baits.

Flounder are, much like trout, opportunistic predators in that they will hunt what is available to get the most out of their meals.

Jerk shad presentations mimic easy meals and are large in profile.

Additionally, Flounder are quite in tune with their sense of smell.

These lures are pre-scented or you can add some Dr. Juice for additional attraction.


Jerk shads can be worked in any number of different ways.

You can bounce this lure along the bottom to imitate shrimp trying to flee from predators.

Moreover, the material used to create Z-Man lures is very buoyant which makes your lure stand up vertical as it bounces along the bottom.

The wiggle of the lure’s tail will catch the eyes of fish as it drifts in the current.

Furthermore, you can even just straight retrieve this lure to catch fish.

Trout, redfish, and definitely flounder will strike this lure on a straight retrieve.

Flounder will congregate around big structure and moving water.

So, having a bait with little to no drag in the current allows it to sink lower and faster right in the desired portion of the water column.

You want to make sure your lure gets down to the bottom fast where the flounder are.

The Slam Shady color also mimics a large white shrimp hopping across a grass flat or oyster bed.

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Best Lure For Big Flounder [VIDEO]

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Finding the right lure to use for targeting flounder can be a bit tricky.

During the springtime, be sure to use larger profiles that imitate shrimp along the bottom where flounder feed.

As water temperatures warm, the spring bite will take off!

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Chick Collington
1 year ago

When using the 5” jerk shad in deep water (50’ or more),what is the best jig head to use ?

Ron Baran
1 year ago

Great info! Question, have you used a larger shank trout eye jig, say a drum jig in a smaller weight vs a short shank on that 5″ bait? I try to match my jig heads to my baits to avoid short strikes.

greg lanier
1 year ago

Another great report Richard.. I personally have never used the jerk shad very much and I’ve had them for years fishing fresh water and salt but I have honestly not used them for flounder and I’ve caught quite a few big ones over the years so I’m not new to the technique’s and know how but I am always looking to improve and everyone has had those skunk days so now I have something more to try 😬 and I didn’t have any zman jerk shad especially in the slam shady color so I got some on the way now 👍👍 Thanks

Hal Blackmore
1 year ago

Looks like the 5″ Slam Shady Z-Man Jerk Shad would be good to use for trolling. I fish the Shallotte River and Shallotte Inlet in SE North Carolina. I’m guessing a 1/4 or 3/8 oz jig head would work best for that use? Any thoughts on that?

Vic Wei stein
1 year ago

What weight jighead do you use to get the large jerks had to the bottom, especially with current?

Ronald H Mattson Sr
1 year ago

Thank You Richard for this video. If one gets a chance to watch John Skinners underwater videos of flounder following lures/bait it will help. Never stop the lure/bait. Skinner shows flounder will follow for hundreds of yards with some leaving immediately when it stops.

Joseph Bilski
1 year ago

So….is there any fish that won’t hit a Slam Shady bait?

John Thomson
1 year ago

I never thought of using larger jerkshads to catch flounder – thanks for the tip. I generally have good luck with the slam shady 2.0 or FRED, either on a jig head or weighted weedless hooks. Seems the key to getting the attention of the fish is to let it reach the bottom after the catch and doing a twitch/pause retrieval.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Well I dont know where you fish but here in jax area of northeast FL I use and found a spinnerbait out performs a jerkshad here in our murky waters because I found scent sound and visibility are all extremely important here wherein fish and while a jerkshad has plenty of action not so good with vibration but a spinnerbait has all 3 especially if using a gulp paddletail and the flash and thump of the blade always at least for me gets it done sp to speak I use a gold blade and a paddletail usually with a chartruese tail and if not a gulp paddletail then I use procure flounder pounder scent and I also take the procure and add and mix a little dr juice scent in it I also tip all my jigs and spinnerbaits with a small piece of fish bites in shrimp scent think about it we as humans use our sense of smell taste and hearing well animals and fish do the same and a spinnerbait being it produces all these senses to me is best because it covers everything and not just a couple of the senses but maybe you fish in central or south fl well then a spinnerbait probably wouldnt do so well because of the visibility that those areas waters have but here in my neck of the woods where the water is murky most of the time it’s a real killer bait pitched in grass pockets around scattered oysters or oyster mounds or under docks with a slow roll bottom retrieve is hard to beat enough said except for thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Al Schellhorn
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Steven, could you use a little punctuation in your comments? You have good things to say and observations and I want to read them, but the run-on sentences are killing me. Thanks.

Jason dempsey
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Thanks, Steven.

I also fish out of the Jax area and have good success with both the Alabama Leprechaun and Shady 2.0, but I will certainly try out some spinners and see how they do.

David Johnson
1 year ago

I know the Zman comes scented. Is adding dr juice beneficial?


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