How To Use The Tracks Feature On Smart Fishing Spots [Tutorial]


Have you figured out how to use the Tracks feature on Smart Fishing Spots yet?

If you’re new to Smart Fishing Spots, be on the lookout for several tutorials and tips coming soon on how to effectively use Smart Fishing Spots to catch more fish!

For now, learn more about “Tracks” below!!!

Tracks Feature On Smart Fishing Spots [VIDEO]

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  • Waves
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  • Tracks
  • Oyster maps
  • Seagrass maps
  • 3D Underwater topography view
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Tracks Feature

The Tracks feature basically is just a way of recording the track you took out on the water that day.

You can then save this data and upload it later on to evaluate the track you took on that trip.

This can be extremely helpful for navigation purposes.

Let’s say you had some luck at a spot during the day but then the next morning when you go fishing at that same spot it is too dark outside to see without navigation help.

You can then upload the track from your last trip and follow that out to the spot.

The same situation can happen to kayak anglers as well.

If you went fishing in areas with winding creeks and it all looks the same without knowing the area, the tracks feature will bring you right to your desired spot without stressing about finding the same spot you were in previously.

Or tracks can help you find your way home amidst the winding creek systems filtering out into lagoons.

Tracks Walk-Through

First, click on the little gear icon in the bottom right corner of Smart Fishing Spots and click on the third icon from the left that looks like two waypoints connected by a red line.

This is the Routes and Tracks tab.

Click on tracks and then click Load tracks.

A drop-down menu will pop up and there you can select previous trips that you have saved.

Then, a purple line will pop up on your screen that indicates the exact track you took on that trip.

Before launching your kayak or vessel, make sure you hit the Record button to record your track on that trip.

Once you get back to the ramp, hit the Stop button and then click Save so your track is saved in Smart Fishing Spots.

Moreover, the best part about this is you can record your track on your phone and come back to look at it on a desktop later without having to do anything different.

When you are logged in and using Smart Fishing Spots as an Insider Member, everything is saved on any connected device you use.

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tracks feature on smart fishing spots

Smart Fishing Spots shows you exactly where you should fish and will keep a record of the route you took on any fishing trip along with so much more.

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Do you have any questions about Smart Fishing Spots in general or how to use the tracks feature?

Let us know what you think of the app down in the comments!!!

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Michael Anderson
7 months ago

Thought others that are struggling with location services on iPhone might find this useful. Could not find this info elsewhere (maybe I missed it). Under settings -> privacy and security -> location services, make sure safari websites is allowed access. I finally figured it out on my iPhone after ensuring chrome and safari had access, but it is actually “safari websites” that the salt strong web app falls under and needs location access granted.

Jason Pierce
6 months ago

Thank you Michael. This worked. You are a true life saver!!!!
Good fishing brother!

Chad Sprinkle
8 months ago

Hey Guys, I’m using Iphone 14pro and have location services on but still can’t get my location to load up. Any help with it is greatly appreciated.

Fred Roberts
8 months ago

How do I get my location to work on iPhone?
Yes I have location services on phone

Last edited 8 months ago by Fred Roberts
William Brixon
1 year ago

Can I mark a specific spot where I caught fish?

Vince Gabriel Montecillo
1 year ago

Do you have this in philippines?

Alan Davenport
1 year ago

Using the app to go to hotspot in Rockport Texas. Caught fish, paid off. I cannot figure out how to enable location services on my cell phone and laptop. So strong smart fishing and it is not listed as an app in my list. Can you help me figure out how to enable location services?. Thanks

George Arndt
1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Davenport

Alan, I have the same issue you mentioned did you ever get an answer?

Danny Kirchenbauer
1 year ago

Hey Tony really enjoy your posts, So when you get on the water you have to start your app and press record I presume?

Howard Brinegr
1 year ago

Tony am thinking about joining..are any of your charts and etc. on the potomac river between maryland and virginia below washington dc?thanks howard

Donald Walsh
1 year ago

I enjoy your videos Tony. When you are preplanning a trip, is there a way to mark waypoints to check out on the app?

Gordon McBride
1 year ago

Will this app run down my cell battery quickly? In a kayak is a portable cell power source needed?
Will it work on Florida freshwater as well?

Last edited 1 year ago by Gordon McBride


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