Underwater Analysis

Underwater Bait Analysis [Cut Bait VS. Fiddler Crabs VS. Shrimp]

You can learn A LOT from analyzing underwater footage. Especially when you present different baits. In this video, I dropped fiddler crabs, cut bait, and...
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Sheepshead & Grouper Strikes Caught On Camera! [Underwater Footage!]

Underwater footage gives us an up-close glimpse at how fish react to different baits. I dropped some live shrimp down along with an underwater camera...
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Underwater Bridge Analysis: Strike Caught On Camera!

What really goes on below bridges??? I decided to drop an underwater camera down on top of some rocks and corals below a bridge… …and...
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This Is Why I Use Weedless Lures So Frequently [Underwater Footage]

This quick video shows the value of using weedless lures when fishing areas with either floating debris or underwater structure.
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You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Lure-Striking Footage!!

We recently did an experiment to see if we could get some underwater footage of trout hitting the Slam Shady. We got what we wanted and much more!
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You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Trout Attack Footage!

Want to know how seatrout really strike lures? This underwater footage shows how they approach and hit lures, and why it's so important to...
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