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Do you need a swivel with a spoon?

What size paddletail should you use for winter fishing?

What is the TRUTH to boat trailer tires?

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  • Best fishing spots in Mosquito Lagoon
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The Best PREMIUM Spinning Reel For Inshore Anglers

What is the best PREMIUM spinning reel for inshore anglers? What does a reel need to have in order to set inshore anglers up for...
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Simple Z-Man Texas Eye Jighead Rigging Trick

What can you do to slightly change how you rig lures on the Z-Man Texas Eye Jighead to improve its performance? Do you want to...
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Toadfish Travel Rod Giveaway!!!

Are you in need of a new travel fishing rod? Have you ever used the Toadfish travel fishing rod before? If you want to enter...
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Catching Fish When It Is Cold And No One Else Is On The Water [Insider Report]

In this report Fishing Coach Wyatt Parcel and I made plans to go do some wade fishing for big trout but as the weather does...
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Boat Trailer Tires 101: The TRUTH About Trailer Tires

Class is in session for Trailer Tires 101!! What could you be forgetting when keeping up maintenance on your trailer tires? The TRUTH is...
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Do You Really Need A Swivel For Spoons?

Do you need to use a swivel when fishing with spoons? What are the benefits or drawbacks if any? If you want to learn more...
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I Found 100% Of The Trout In The Backcountry [Insider Report]

This trip started out as a casual day of fishing with my neighbor & close friend, John. Our main goal was simple: stay out of...
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How To Salvage A Fishing Trip In Tough Conditions [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to try an area that looked to be an excellent choke point leading onto a great-looking flat. The concept behind...
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Finding Redfish In A New Area In The Winter [Insider Report]

On this trip, I went to go explore some new territory and was able to dial in where the fish were holding. I covered a...
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Winter Jetty Fishing On A Tough Day [Insider Report]

Some days the weather’s so bad, it’s not even worth the effort to fish it! 30 degrees and whipping cold winds isn’t exactly a picturesque...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [February 18th – 20th]

See the types of spots to find feeding redfish, seatrout, snook, flounder, and sheepshead this weekend based on the tides & weather.
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Live Shrimp vs. Soft Plastic Lures (On The Water Showdown)

Which do you think would catch more quality fish? Check out this LIVE fishing trip and see the shocking results of this case study.
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What Size Paddletail Lure Should You Use For Winter Fishing?

What is the must-have size in terms of paddletail lures in winter? Should you use smaller paddletails or larger lures? The answer is...
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3 Key Things To Look For When Fishing Docks [Spot Dissection]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, I will be analyzing an area to show productive feeding zones for redfish and trout. The area shown as...
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How To Rig Blue Crabs For Jetty Fishing

What is the RIGHT way to rig crabs for jetty fishing? Where should you hook the crab and what kind of tackle do you need? To start...
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