How To Rig Blue Crabs For Jetty Fishing


What is the RIGHT way to rig crabs for jetty fishing?

Is there specific tackle you need to be successful out on the jetties?

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Rig Crabs For Jetty Fishing

Blue crabs are one of the best types of bait to use when fishing off the jetties during the winter.

The first step to preparing the crab as bait is to cut off the legs and flippers on both sides of the crab.

Be careful not to cut the bottom flipper too short because this will help when we go to hook the bait.

Next, you want to halve the shell by cutting right across the top of the shell.

Make sure to take your time and be gentle when cutting the crab because if you are too forceful, you risk cracking the shell.

The bait will not rig properly if it is not cut correctly.

Once you make your way around the crab, you will end up with two halves.

You can rig either half on a hook, however, you will get more out of the crab by quartering it.

Either way, you want to use an Octopus Circle hook to rig up these crab baits.

In order to rig the crab on a circle hook, insert the hook point into the back flipper of the crab and feed it out through the back.

You want to make sure the hook is all the way through the shell and exposed so if a fish eats the bait, it will be hooked.

For the quartered pieces that do not have a flipper point, you can insert the hook through the bottom of the crab and then out through the top.

You want to make sure the hook point is exposed and facing up on all of your baits.

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Rig Crabs For Jetty Fishing [VIDEO]

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Jetty fishing during the winter can produce results if you use crab as bait and be patient for a bite to spark up.

Blue crabs are an excellent bait to use off the jetties for redfish, black drum, or even sheepshead.

Be sure to have your hook points exposed and facing up to avoid snags and increase your hookup ratio!!

Do you have any more questions on the right way to rig crabs for jetty fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

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George Washington
1 year ago

This will be useful for some time in the future so I put it in the back of my mind about fishing with crabs and how to cut them and put them on hooks.

Randy Edwards, Ph.D. (Marine Science)
2 years ago

Just a couple of comments. First of all, that was a female crab (you can see by the shape of the “apron” and by the mass of orange eggs inside the crab), and those who are very conservation oriented do not kill female crabs that are the source of new crabs for the crab populations. Plus, as a simply fishing comment, why not, as long as you have big scissors, trim off the big spine on the horizontal side of the shell/carapice to make the bait more easily taken in by a fish???

Franklin Valencia
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Maybe if these guys would have paid attention to you… you said “Fresh/dead bait”! It’s not like you purposely hunt down female crabs for bait! Sheesh man these tree huggers!

Last edited 2 years ago by Franklin Valencia
2 years ago

Next time, make sure you don’t use a female. Males have the rocket on the belly

A Rollins
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Don’t sweat it. It wasn’t berries. That female crab was legal. Don’t let these can’t do anything wrong people browbeat you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew Rollins


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