The Top 3 Hooks You Must Have For Surf & Jetty Fishing


If you love to fish at the jetties or from the beach, then you’ll need to have the right hooks to catch your target species.

And there are 3 kinds of hooks to make sure you have in your tackle box!

In this new video, you’ll learn what hooks you need and when to use them.

Check it out below!

Top 3 Hooks For Surf & Jetty Fishing [VIDEO]

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Kahle Hook

These hooks work best for smaller bait presentations like shrimp pieces, sand fleas, and Fishbites.

They are really not ideal for larger baits, larger fish, or for practicing catch and release.

A 1/0 or 2/0 size is perfect because you are going to be targeting smaller species when using kahle hooks.

Inline Octopus Hooks

These hooks offer a great hook up ratio and are better suited for catch and release.

Incline Octopus circle hooks are good for medium-sized bait to catch medium-sized fish.

Use these hooks when you’re after slot size fish!

Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks

Use these hooks for your larger species at the jetties.

They are super strong and are definitely the best option for catch and release of those over slot fish.

When using larger baits, these are the best hooks in size 4/0 and 5/0!

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Have any questions about what hooks you should use for the areas you’re fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Gabriel Ibarra
1 month ago

I use mustad 12/0 duratin circle hooks have never had a fish gut hooked, so far all hook ups are lip and solid hook ups , I’ve tried other circle hooks but the mustad for me outperform anything else I have used.

James C.
1 month ago

Wyatt, I use the Eagle Claw Kahle hooks and do find that fish get “gut hooked” frequently. If the fish is under or over size limit, I have heard you should cut the line off as near the hook as possible, then release the fish and the hook will rust out. Is this true?

Mark Ethridge
1 month ago

Thanks for the info Wyatt. What rod and reel are you using in the video?

Rob S
1 month ago

Hi Wyatt . . . it looks like the Eagle Claw kahle hooks in the package are the L141-L143 series (ringed eye) whereas the one you’re showing that is rigged up is the L144 series (up eye). They’re also a different color. Do you find a performance difference between these two different style hooks, and if using the L144, do you use a snell knot?

Bob Hartwein
1 month ago

Great explanation Wyatt! I like how you explain pros/cons of each. Sounds like I need to have all three when fishing beach & or Jetty. Great presentation


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