The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS HERE!!!

The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS FINALLY HERE!!

This is a custom rod that we’ve been working on for quite some time now.

Without question, it quickly became the BEST inshore saltwater fishing rod I have ever used.

Check it out!!

Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS HERE [VIDEO]

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Mentioned Daiwa Spinning Reels:

The Rod Blank

We found the highest quality blank that we could which is most important.

These rod blanks are made right here in the U.S.A.

This particular blank has a high modulus tip so you can feel everything even those tiny pinfish tapping your lures.

That helps you detect bigger fish and have better hooksets.

This rod has the best ability to feel strikes and deliver lures accurately.

We worked closely with Mudhole to dial in on the rod action so it is perfect.

The action of a rod is where the bend is in the rod.

And power is the backbone of the fishing rod.

The thing that has impressed me most about this rod is I can go from throwing the smallest crab lure for sheepshead and then throw a 5-inch paddletail for snook with no problem.

Guide Spacing

Additionally, the guide spacing is something else to take note of on this rod.

I personally think this is often overlooked throughout the industry.

Not many anglers know it but the spacing plays a significant role.

Our #1 goal is castability and to cover as much ground as possible with our casts.

To optimize casting performance, the few guides closest to the reel seat of the rod are the reduction guides.

Their purpose is to reduce the coils of line off the reel and into a straight line.

If those guides are too close to the reel, you have a higher chance of causing wind knots.

Along with less distance on your casting as well.

And if you go too far up on the rod, you run the risk of what’s called a line slap where the line is slapping against the rod on every cast.

We spent a lot of time testing out different reels and observing the guide spacing and how the line feeds through to have the perfect system.

All 2500 and most 3000 reels will have ZERO issues pairing up to this rod.

A small test you can do at home to see if you’re own rods and reels are the right match is to grab the reel and hold your finger on the line right on the end of the reel.

Then put some pressure on the rod and then you can see where the line is naturally going out through the guides.

In the case of the Slot Machine, the line is in the center of the guides not touching the guides themselves.

In fact, it doesn’t touch a guide until the third one.

Most rods fail that test right off the bat.

In most production rods I’ve seen, the guides are too far down and the line is hitting the first guide immediately.

That increases the risk of wind knots and decreases your castability.

I have tested the Slot Machine with our top-selling 2500-size Daiwa reels as well as some reels from Shimano.

Most 3000 reels match this rod as well.

Rod Action & Guides

The guides up at the rod tip are all about protecting the rod itself.

A lot of companies go with a number like 7 guides on the top half sometimes even less.

The truth is the fewer guides you have on the top half of the rod will increase the chances of the rod breaking under a load.

We have TEN guides on the Slot Machine up on the top half of the rod.

That seems excessive but because this is a high-quality blank, you want to be sure it is protected.

The last thing you want is the rod to snap on you when reeling in a bull redfish or big snook.

The Butt Section

We put A LOT of time into designing the butt section looking at past rods we’ve used and popular options out on the market.

First off, this rod has an amazing feel.

The ergonomic grip fits nicely in your hand and is comfortable to use all day long.

You can feel the blank through the midsection of the grip.

I personally place my index finger on the rod blank itself above the grip for more feel and contact with the line.

I’ve never fished with a rod that has the touch and feel of the Slot Machine.

Also, we went with a locking reel seat design.

Sometimes the vibration of the boat cruising out to your spots or the car ride to the spot unwinds the reel seat and eventually, your reel falls off.

I’ve heard multiple stories from multiple people where their reels have fallen off during transport.

The locking reel seat will ensure that you NEVER lose a reel in this way.

Lure Keeper

For me personally, this is a HUGE deal.

The lure keeper enables you to store your lures weedless without having to take the hook out of the plastic.

This style hook keeper lets you easily place the shank of the hook on the clasp.

Instead of having to make your lures weedless again and waste time, you can grab the rod and cast it out immediately.

The unique triangular shape is something I’ve never seen on a rod before and it is just perfect for weedless lure storage.

Optimal Reel Pairings

Again, as I mentioned before, every 2500 reel we tested was perfectly matched as far as castability goes with this rod.

My personal favorite has been the Daiwa BG MQ 2500.

This combo has outperformed any other rod/reel pairing I’ve ever used.

And if you’re an Insider Club Member you can get this ENTIRE combo (Rod, Reel, and Line spooled for you) for under $500.

In most cases, people spend that on just the rod blank alone.

If your budget is around $300 for everything, I recommend the Daiwa Legalis 2500.

This reel is awesome, lightweight, and packs a punch when called upon.

Final Thoughts

This is hands down the best inshore saltwater fishing rod I have ever used.

And on top of that, we’re proud to offer these rods at a reasonable price.

A custom rod of this caliber can run upwards of $400-$500.

Everything on this rod is put together in the U.S.A. and we’re now in production mode!

Taking everything into account, we are offering this rod at $347!!

Insider Club Members keep in mind you get $100 OFF!!!

If you’re going after redfish, seatrout, snook, or flounder and you want to take your game to the next level, then this is the rod for you.

Rods are the #1 most important part of your tool kit as an angler.

➡ Get the Slot Machine Custom Rod

Oh, and if you are a Salt Strong Insider Member, if you buy any reel in our tackle shop, we’re going to give you FREE braided line AND we’ll spool it up for you on top of FREE SHIPPING!

All you have to do is pair it up with a fishing rod, tie on a leader, and hit the water!!

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them down below!

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William Hawkins
3 months ago

Has this rod been paired with a 3000 size Daiwa BG MQ?

Daniel Dickey
7 months ago

I would love to get a slot machine rod but I need a two or three piece rod. I must travel to the fishing and it is not practical with a one piece rod. Do you think the Slot Machine people or Mud Hole people will put together a travel rod?

Hector Cardenas
9 months ago

Will you be introducing, Different weight classes and actions. Im looking at swaping over to the slot machine series.

Sanders Wayne
9 months ago

Where is my order? I’ve never had to wait this long before.

Patrick Caveney
10 months ago

This rod is currently out of stock. Do you have a target date when this rod will be available on your website?

10 months ago

My wife and I are new to florida [ from nj] and are also new to fishing. There is not a lot of $ left after paying for the damages from IAN.
Can one put together enough “stuff” to go fishing , inshore for $150 each?
Rod ,reel, sinkers, floats, hooks, tools etc [ dont need lures, already bought them on sale from you guys
Can you tell me what equipment is needed to get started?
we have access to boats from the Freedom Boat Club, but are not qualified to go offshore, so it
s just inshore for now

Ron Morante

Jason Rosado
10 months ago

Yes, I have one and the Daiwa Legalis 2500 and it is the absolute best rod an reel I’ve ever had. Light, flexible, strong, its perfection in my book. I’ll be buying another. Thank you!

Francisco H.
10 months ago

I currently use a st Croix legend tournament inshore 7’6 Medium fast. Would this rod fish about the same or more like a ML version of the St. Croix?

Daniel Mahoney
10 months ago

Got the slot machine the other day. Easily outcast any other rod I own. From my dock up and down the creek it’s easily 15’ longer. A really really nice rod.

John Trahan
10 months ago

What is the length of the new slot machine rod and is it one Pisces


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