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The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS HERE!!!

The Salt Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod IS FINALLY HERE!! This is a custom rod that we've been working on for quite some time now...
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Fish Strong VIP Tackle Updates

EXCITING Updates are coming to Salt Strong sooner rather than later!!! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get the new Fish Strong Tackle...
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Wake Bait Mini Course: What You Need To Know

One of my favorite baits to throw in the warmer months is a Wake Bait, and I promise, that’s for good reason… IT PRODUCES BIG...
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Unboxing The BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel

This one comes from the Salt Strong Reel Room as we are unboxing the BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel!!! We are beyond PUMPED...
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KastKing [Rods, Reels, & More!]

Have you been looking for a solid budget reel? Maybe something to try a new style of fishing with or to have as an extra setup? We have...
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Sight Fishing Reds On An Unplanned Windy Trip [Insider Report]

Windy days are still upon us! This doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish though. Finding wind protection can be key when the winds have been...
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Where Do I Fish When I Have Nothing To Cast At? [Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders! Spot Dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from random) and explain why...
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April 2023 Insider Club Giveaway [Penn Reel Giveaway Winner Announced!!!]

We’re BACK AGAIN with Insider Club Giveaway Prizes!!! Every month we give away an INCREDIBLE prize to an Insider Member as a thank you to...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [April 14-16]

We’re EXCITED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to the conditions and...
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How To Quickly Find Slam Spots In Spring [Ozello, FL Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Fishing North Carolina Rivers & Creek Systems In Spring [Spot Dissection]

From now on, my Spot Dissections will cover anywhere along the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina, AND now Georgia too, so if you...
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How To Fish Grass Lines For More Strikes [Insider Report]

Fishing grass lines is one of the best ways to catch feeding predator fish. But there are some times when grass lines will be more...
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Perception Showdown Pedal Kayak Walkthrough

Since I've been fishing off of it lately, I figured I'd give you all a Perception Showdown Pedal Kayak Walkthrough...
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Connecticut’s Spring Striped Bass [Bridgeport, CT – Spot Dissection]

This Dissection comes at the request of two Insiders from CT, Daniel DeMagistris and Lorenzo Cervantes. Connecticut may need to wait just...
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Quickly Identifying Warm Weather Feeding Zones [East Choctawhatchee Bay, FL]

My Spot Dissections cover anywhere along the Panhandle and Big Bend Region of Florida, so if you have any requests, please drop them...
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