Unboxing The BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel


This one comes from the Salt Strong Reel Room as we are unboxing the BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ Spinning Reel!!!

We are beyond PUMPED to see these come into our shop.

This reel is just a few weeks old so you’re getting a first look right here!!

Unboxing The BRAND NEW Daiwa Tatula MQ [VIDEO]

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I personally have fished with the original LT Tatula Spinning Reel before.

It is a lightweight Zaion body reel that is well-established in the freshwater realm.

But with the new addition of the MQ Series, it has made its way over to saltwater fishing!

Keep in mind – this reel is BRAND NEW and I myself can’t wait to get my hands on a 3000 size to hit my local waters.

The lightweight design is ideal for finesse presentations like small paddletails in skinny water.

The 2500 Daiwa Tatula MQ comes in at 6.7 ounces with the 3000 sitting right around 7 ounces.

All sizes are equipped with a high-speed gear ratio and include way more than enough drag than you need.

It is a lightweight, speedy reel in the MQ design.

Even with all that said, there is something else that makes this reel unique.

The Tatula follows the single-body design that is well sealed but in the Tatula MQ ONLY, Daiwa began to incorporate some of the features of their high-end Exist reel into the Tatula.

You won’t find that in the BG MQ, Saltist MQ, or Ballistic MQ.

Advanced Features & Updates

The Tatula MQ sits around the $200 price point from the 1000 size all the way to the 4000 sizes.

It is a singular one-piece body in the MQ design made using Zaion V material but does NOT include MagSeal Technology.

But this is the only Daiwa Series of reels that includes an AirDrive Design other than the Exist.

This is VERY new to the market as is the Exist (7 months on the current market at a retail price of $900).

There are specifically THREE features that Daiwa has chosen to trickle down to the Tatula MQ Series from the Exist.

AirDrive Design

The first is an AirDrive Bail which is simply a one-piece wire bail.

It is similar to the BG MQ with the only visible difference being the thickness of the bail is slightly thinner on the Tatula MQ.

Daiwa claims this design saves 30% of the weight compared to other wire bail designs.

Moreover, this is not to be confused with Daiwa’s AirBail Design.

The AirBail Design is actually a hollow bail designed to minimize weight and serve the same purpose as a one-piece wire bail would.

In terms of performance, I think they are both about the same.

I don’t see most anglers noticing a difference between the two bail designs.

I have always personally liked the feel and the sound of one-piece wire bails.

The AirBail Design, although lightweight, can sometimes snap shut on you if you are casting heavier jigs and lures.

AirDrive Rotor

The AirDrive Rotor is a bit thinner and slightly more compact than the rotor used in the past.

It is still made using Zaion V material to keep it lightweight while bringing the rotor a bit tighter to the spool.

This reduced the overall weight of the Tatula MQ by about 15%.

This may seem minor but it is a refinement aspect of this reel.

Streamlining a rotor serves two purposes.

The first is it helps makes sure there is no flex at the spool when under a heavy load.

The second is the reel will overall feel smoother and have a better feel when retrieving lures.

AirDrive Shaft Design

Lastly, the third feature included in the Tatula MQ from the Exist is Daiwa’s AirDrive Shaft.

This provides oscillation support around where the main shaft makes contact with the pinion gear and the main gear.

So Daiwa has added bearings and collars to enhance the smoothness and fluidity of the reel.

They refer to this as “frictionless contact”.

Final Thoughts

We’re definitely going to have to hit the water with this reel to discover more and learn more about how it performs out in the field.

But if this is any testament to the MQ Series (Ballistic, Saltist, BG), I know this reel will perform right up there with the rest.

I further wanted to discuss the Tatula MQ Spinning Reel to compare it to the BG MQ.

I picked up a couple of BG MQ reels two years ago and it has been one of the smoothest and most consistent reels I have ever purchased at that $200 price point.

While I do like aluminum-bodied reels, lightweight reels pack a punch for shallow inshore applications.

If you like the Fuego, Procyon MQ, and Ballistic MQ, then take a look at the Tatula MQ.

This reel will make its way into the lineup of spinning reels for inshore finesse fishermen in no time.

Have you had the chance to personally fish with the Daiwa Tatula MQ yet?

I would love to hear your feedback so please get the conversation started in the comments section below!!

Do you have any questions about other Daiwa Reels or other reels in our shop?

Go ahead and let me know!!

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All you have to do is pair it up with a fishing rod, tie on a leader, and hit the water!!

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6 months ago

Hola! Tengo el nuevo tatula 2500S quisiera saber si una bobina del modelo 2500D es compatible con mi tatula de bobina de poca profundidad. Gracias!

7 months ago

On the 2000 series, can someone PLEASE tell me what thickness each washer is on the reel as how they come and how many are on there? Please!??

Bart Douglas
7 months ago

Justin, great explanation and unboxing as usual. I am intrigued by this new offering from Daiwa. Do you have any skepticism in fishing this reel in salt water? Are the gears sufficient in your opinion to handle trout, mangrove snapper and small redfish in the backcountry? Thanks Bart

7 months ago

what are the major differences between the ballistic MQ and the tatula MQ in terms of mainshaft support? I thought i saw a video or read an article that stated the ballistic MQ also benefited from a larger mainshaft spool bearing to help with heavier use? If I’m wrong please educate me 😂

7 months ago

Hi, great content! Any Idea what material is used for the main gear?

8 months ago

Any comparison to the new airity or the shimano vanquish?

10 months ago

I have a sizing question. Are all the reels 2500 and up based on the same 2500 platform with just bigger rotors and spools? I see the models are 3000C and 4000C, whereas it looks like the Ballistic MQ comes in a different 3000 size since it has no compact designation. Debating between the two and want to make sure I understand the sizing in the different models.

Mark Ethridge Ethridge
10 months ago

I watched the video the other night and ended up ordering a 3000 series. It arrived today. It is butter smooth when reeling. Now I have to decided which rod to put it on and replace a lesser reel.

Vincent Lindberg
10 months ago

Did anyone one question the line capacity quoted on Daiwa for Tatula 4000 looks wrong to me

Vincent Lindberg
10 months ago

Justin thank you so much for your insight and explanations on the Tatula.


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