In-Depth Analysis Of Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series Rods


Our team has been fishing with Fitzgerald Fishing Custom Rods and we’ve been impressed!!!

The quality and attention to detail are second to none.

Take a look here!!

Fitzgerald Fishing Custom Rods [VIDEO]

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Personally, the rod I have been using lately is the Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series 7’2 Medium action rod.

The rod itself feels like a moderate-fast action blank.

Guides & Reel Seat

The guides are made of high-quality materials and securely attached to the blank.

Additionally, the reel seat is cleverly designed and fits any inshore fishing reel snugly.

I have mine paired up with the Daiwa BG MQ 2500.

This is close to a perfect match in terms of weight distribution on the fishing rod.

One of the unique aspects of this rod series is that it has a microwave guide.

Personally, I have not put much thought into them.

But, one of the major things I’ve noticed is the number of wind knots I’d normally get went severely down.

The microwave guide controls the line more on your casts preventing it from tangling up in itself.

Microwave Guide systems are an ideal feature for fishing in extremely windy conditions.

Action & Rod Blank

As mentioned previously, this rod has more of a moderate-fast action because it has quite the bend in the rod tip.

This is great for throwing out lighter artificial lures or light bait rigs.

Furthermore, if you are fishing off of a boat and fighting a redfish or a trout close to the boat, you are going to have to high-stick the rod.

But, the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream series has enough of a soft tip to allow high-sticking, if necessary, on fish close to your vessel.

This especially helps you land more fish if you are fishing by yourself.

In spite of having a softer rod tip, the rod blank itself is sturdy and well-equipped to reel in big fish.

You won’t have any issues fighting big, upper-slot fish with this setup.

As far as lures are concerned, this rod blank handles light artificial lures well and casts them very far out.

With that being said, this rod also does throw out larger artificial lures with ease.

Overall Review

The Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series rod is really a mix of the best of both worlds when it comes to casting distance and accuracy.

For the type of fishing I usually do, I prefer a 7-foot series fishing rod.

This is because I more often than not need to make pinpoint casts in small areas.

But the issue I run into is if I need to move to a bay or larger body of water, I don’t have a rod that can act like a 7’6 rod and give me the extra few feet of distance I need.

However, this is solved with the Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series 7’2 rod.

It has the maneuverability of a 7-foot rod with the casting distance of a 7’6 fishing rod.

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fitzgerald fishing aqua dream series rod review

This rod has quickly become one of my favorites as it checks all the necessary boxes.

You have the ability to fish tight backwater creeks but also larger bays and flats.

This rod also has enough power and strength to put pressure on large inshore game fish.

Do you have any questions about Fitzgerald Fishing Custom Rods?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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Michael Quimuyog
9 months ago

Hey Richard thanks for that review, my ? was how would this rod work with live bait like finger mullet , and if not this rod what would you suggestion?

Christian Deierlein
9 months ago

Thanks for the great review, Richard! As a medium action rod, would you recommend it for live/cut bait or is it better suited for throwing lures?

Matt Lanier
9 months ago

Great information Richard! Solid rods for sure!

Thomas Manley
9 months ago

I see Saltstrong has 5 reviews and all of them are from three people. 2 of the people did double reviews. I apreciate you taking the time and putting this review together but, I can usually find rods that are $100 or less that perform well for all of this action for inshore fishing. I see also, that this rod is only offered by Saltstrong as Medium action in 7’2″ or 7′ 6″.

Justin Ritchey
9 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Manley

Thomas—to clarify, the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series comes in both Medium and Medium-Heavy Power, but in that particular series the Medium-Heavy Power is WAY too stiff. It performs more similarly to other Heavy Power Models on the market. Please do not misinterpret our decisions to add very specific Products to our Online Tackle Shop, as the 7’2″ and 7’6″ Medium Power Aqua Dream Series were very deliberate.

For $100 (or less), there are other Moderate-Fast Action Rods out there, for sure. But the quality of those rods will vary drastically, as products in the $100 (or less) price range are often using lower-quality components, hence the price tag. These Aqua Dream Blanks are proprietary to Fitzgerald Rods (meaning another company can’t source the same type of blank to use in their production series of rods), and with that proprietary aspect comes a slightly higher retail price point. This is also true because of their use of MicroWave Guides, which are generally a little more expensive than Fuji Standard Aluminum Oxide Guides.

The overall point is this: An Aqua Dream Series Rod cannot and should not be compared to other rods in the $100 (or less) category. Will those lesser expensive rods catch fish? YES! But the performance will not be like-for-like at that price range.

Thomas Hall
9 months ago

Thanks for the review Richard. I am planning on adding a few poles to my tackle next season and I have been studying many choices.

Salt Strong! Thomas

Bill Saunders
9 months ago

Richard, no disrespect intended to you, but I found Justin’s ‘for member’s only’ rod review (link included at the end of the report) more useful. Maybe this was a sales review prepared for the general public. If so, I think anyone viewing this video who is not a member should consider joining Salt Strong. As with all ‘members only’ reviews, the pros and cons are more thoroughly discussed.

Rob S
9 months ago

Every rod starts out as a custom rod. However, once mass produced without being able to customize anything on it, it’s a production rod. Otherwise, every rod, including the cheapie, poorly built rods being sold, is a custom rod. The Fitzgerald website do not call these custom rods or any of their other production rods.

I realize calling it a custom rod sells to many uninformed newer anglers.

I still appreciate your review, Richard, and will see if I can handle one to compare against my well liked rods.


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