Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Rod Series Review


Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series Rods have a specific purpose and use for inshore anglers.

And they’re on their way to our online tackle shop!

For those of you unfamiliar with Fitzgerald, they are a popular manufacturer of freshwater fishing rods but have tried their hand at inshore saltwater fishing rods.

Check it out right here!!

 Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series Rod Review [VIDEO]

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The Aqua Dream Series was inspired by Aqua Dream Spoons.

These fishing rods are equipped with a moderately-fast action tip section.

For most inshore fishing applications, a fast action rod is desirable.

Fast action rods are perfect for working topwater lures and weedless soft plastic lures.

But when it comes to finesse fishing with small paddletails or twitchbaits, moderate-fast fishing rods shine.

On a traditional fast action fishing rod, only the last 1/8th of the rod will really bend.

This allows for easier transfer of power when working lightweight soft plastic lures.

Additionally, this creates a much crisper cast as you whip the rod forward.

Moderate-Fast Action rods are slightly different.

The bend in the rod comes down further than a traditional fast-action fishing rod.

By having a softer fishing rod, you can present lighter, smaller soft plastic lures more effectively.

There is a possibility of pulling your lure out of the strike zone if you are using light soft plastic lures on traditional fast action rods.

Softer fishing rods will add action to your lure while allowing it to remain in place and in the desired portion of the water column.

The Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series Rods are excellent for sight fishing and for staying in the strike zone.

This is an excellent option for those trying to downscale their tackle and get those little minute movements out of their soft plastics when sight fishing.

Aqua Dream Series Rods Features

Additionally, the Aqua Dream Series Rods incorporate a MicroWave Guide System.

There are lots of misconceptions out there when it comes to MicroWave Guide Systems.

We still have more to learn and experiment with MicroWave Guide Systems but all told, we have not noticed it to be any better or any worse than what is already out there.

This rod build also provides further advantages for those wanting to fish with live bait.

The softness that is incorporated in the build of the rod will help prevent your bait from flying off the hook on your casts.

And to a similar effect when fighting fish, the rod acts as a shock-absorber of sorts, and if the fish swims at you or swims under your vessel, moderate-fast action rods provide a little more forgiveness.

This means it is less likely of a chance to high-stick with this type of rod.

Cons Of This Rod Series

Due to these rods being moderately-fast builds with softer top sections, they are going to have a hard time with hook sets using weedless presentations.

Fast-Action rods provide a much faster transfer of power to the butt end of the rod to give you leverage on a hook set.

Moderate-Fast action rods take slightly longer to transfer the power down and require more energy to embed the hook in the fish’s mouth.

This is not to say it is impossible to use weedless presentations on this rod.

But for those anglers that are used to traditional fast-action rod behavior, this might be a bit of an adjustment.

For these reasons, we believe these rods are best suited for exposed hooks, small jigheads, and lightweight plastics for finesse applications.

These rods are listed as “Medium Power”, however as we’ve addressed before, there really is no standardization within the industry with regards to power and action.

Compared to other Medium Power rods, the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series may be lacking.

That is not to say the rods are not strong but if you were to fish a dock or heavier structure, you may feel slightly unprepared for that scenario.

This is why we recommend using these rods in open water scenarios for redfish, trout, and snook lurking near potholes.

You do not want to have to worry about fish heading straight for heavy structure.

If you are in the market for a lightweight finesse application fishing rod, this is an excellent option for you.

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So far, we have been impressed with the Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Rod Series and recommend you use this rod build with finesse presentations in open water.

Because these rods are new to our store, we want your feedback!

If you have used Fitzgerald Rods before or are interested in them coming to our shop, drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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Do you have any more questions about Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series Rods?

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Robert Wardlow
1 year ago

Another great review Justin. Any updates when the custom rods will be available? Thanks!

Rex Russo
2 years ago

Love your reviews! Very educational, informative, yet brief.

Lance Lindsey
2 years ago

I would be interested in purchasing this rod for fishing ned style baits and small live finger mullet. I usually run a 3′ or longer 12lb leader attached to 8lb braid. The question I have is how do the micro guides handle leader knots. Most of the time I will use an fg knot to attach my leader to braid but occasionally I will tie a leader knot the is a little bit bigger. the fg is just to hard for me to tie in a kayak.


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