The Power Prawn USA Junior Lure Is HERE! [New Lure]


I am pleased to report that the Power Prawn USA Junior lures are in stock. And they are now available for you in our online tackle store.

Our custom Power Prawn USA 4.3″ lure launched earlier this year, and the feedback has been amazingly good:


This smaller version (3.5″) has the same great strike-generating motion in the water, while having a smaller profile to attract fish of all sizes to eat it.

Watch the video on this below to see the great underwater action of these new lures:

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Most of the strikes occur when the lure falls back down to the bottom after twitching it, so that’s the time when it’s most important for the lure to look as natural as possible.

After testing a variety of shrimp lures over the years, we eventually realized that the appendages and the segmented tail designs on other shrimp lures are more directed to sell for humans than it is to trigger strikes from fish.

Another benefit to the this more streamlined shrimp lure (with the appendages) is that the streamlined design enables further casts and longer skips relative to other shrimp lures of its size.

As mentioned above, these shrimp lures are so good that we offer a “favorite shrimp lure guarantee” in which you get your money back if you don’t believe they are your favorite shrimp lure after putting them to the test.

So you have nothing to lose by at least giving them a try.

If you’re on the fence, at least click the link below and check out the customer reviews that have come in so far:

➡Get these Power Prawn USA Junior lures NOW

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Robert Smith
2 years ago

I ordered five packs of natural and three packs of Slim shady can’t wait. Luke I have a question when will you be getting the rods that are replacing the SS Bull bay rods.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Bought 5 packs about an hour ago we will just have to see but one thing I dont agree with you with saying the appendages and segmented tail is just a marketing ploy I dont think so my chasebaits looks acts and feels like a real shrimp and the segmented tail really gives it a realistic kicking motion plus when crawled on the bottom the legs move like a real shrimp so to me these are important and yes maybe they do attract anglers but I have also caught tons if fish on them also but it’s all a personal preference I started using them a few years back after seeing Tony’s report on them and he caught alot of fish on them to just because your reports show evidence of fish being caught with your lure doesnt mean others dont chasebaits has been around a few years longer then the company that started the power prawn and are still going strong so if they are so inferior then why do anglers and i both keep catching fish on them?🤔 so we will see if your junior prawns work as good as you say they do but you also have to remember I live and fish in a much different area of Florida with water clarity being a constant murky totally different conditions and structure then you guys in south and central Florida so we will just have to see

Darlene Shuman
2 years ago

Hey Luke,
On vacation in Little Torch Key this week, so I just ordered a few packs to be delivered to use while im here. I can’t wait to use them here since Ive caught tarpon on the bomber, snapper on the Brazilian PP Jr and jacks on jerk bait. The PP USA Jr should give me even more tight lines!

Mark Ethridge
2 years ago

just ordered four bags. can’t wait to try them out.

Xavier Muniz
2 years ago

Luke, is the Slam Shady color working better at night all together or simply when fishing the bridges? I have some of the originals in that color, then stopped using when I saw a video that clarified the times of year when brown/white shrimp are typically running.

Xavier Muniz
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Perfect, thanks! I noticed that my success so far has been when pushed out on the flats or drifting further out where the water is clearer, and my struggles with the natural color has been in my bayou/creek area that is murky and darker. I’m placing a second order now to get some of the Jr size in Slam Shady color!

Tripp Watters
2 years ago

Hey Luke have you taken any of these power prawns out to the beaches for Tarpon yet?

Bob Sherman
2 years ago

I didn’t see a listing.?

Matthew Stevens
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Sherman

Page 3 on shops.


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