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What are the easiest ways to catch seatrout in the spring & summer?

Want to learn how to catch more fish on super windy days?

How can you find BIG redfish in spring?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Daiwa Coastal SV TW 150XS Baitcast Reel Review
  • Power Prawn U.S.A. JUNIOR
  • Borderline MIRACULOUS Beach Fishing Trip!
  • How THIS Fisherman Went From “Laughed At” To “RESPECTED”

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Sight Casting Giant Fish [Insider Report]

There is few things in life better than catching tailing fish but there is one thing that is better for sure, catching HUGE tailing fish!...
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Exploring Ozello + SUPER SLAM [Insider Report]

In this report we will be exploring “The Land of OZ” (AKA Ozello, FL). Known for its labyrinth of islands, backcountry coves, clear water and...
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Effortless Shortcut To Find Seatrout In Spring & Summer

This video demonstrates an effortless shortcut you can use to find speckled seatrout in open bays and grass flats. Similar tactics can also be applied...
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Daiwa Coastal SV TW 150XS Baitcast Review

We're back from the Salt Strong Reel Room for the Daiwa Coastal SV TW Review!! This reel comes packed with a lot of different features...
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I Fished With Only Topwater Lures For A Year And This Is What I Learned

Would you have fished with only topwater lures for a year to learn more and perfect your topwater retrieve? Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree did...
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How To Find Big Redfish This Spring [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I could target fish for an early morning topwater bite, and then as the...
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Low Pressure System Blues [Insider Report]

I was so excited to see that we were going to have a day without wind! But what I didn’t think about is why, and...
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How To Dial In On Pompano At The Beach [Drone View – Insider Report]

Time for another teaser from the upcoming Beach Fishing Mastery Course! On this day, Matthew & I headed out to target one of the most...
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Shifty Hack To Save More Money On Weedless Lures

Would you make use of a hack to save money on weedless lures? We've got you covered!! In this video, we detail a weedless lure hack...
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Quick 30 Second Trick To Help You Catch More Fish

Next time you're struggling to trigger strikes on the water, use this quick 30-second trick to catch more fish!!! Little things we as...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [May 13th to 15th]

See the game plan to use for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather/tides.
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The Power Prawn USA Junior Lure Is HERE! [New Lure]

The Power Prawn USA Junior lures are in stock and ready for some fun fish catching. See the video on this page to see these great lures.
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Do THIS With Your Motor While You’re Fishing

What should you do, if anything at all, to your motor while you're fishing? Do you need to have it in a specific position or location?...
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#1 Beach Fishing Bait Hack That Will Hook More Fish

Next time you're out fishing off the beach, keep this sneaky beach fishing bait hack in mind!! Beach fishing can be a challenge and it is...
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When Are The Best Times To Use The Gold Digger Paddletail?

What could be the best times to use the Gold Digger Paddletail? The Gold Digger Paddletail is a 3.5-inch soft plastic paddletail lure that...
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