Quick 30 Second Trick To Help You Catch More Fish

Next time you’re struggling to trigger strikes on the water, use this quick 30-second trick to catch more fish!!!

Little things we as anglers can do here and there will eventually help lead to success in the long run.

Especially if we can avoid wasting time and money in the process!

Check this out!!

30 Second Trick To Help You Catch More Fish [VIDEO]

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This tip applies to anglers of any level and can benefit beginners in fishing as well as experts.

As temperatures warm up and more anglers hit the water, we commonly get asked: “What can I do to catch more fish when I am out on the water?”

This hidden hack will save you time and money while also consistently catching you more fish.

And this can apply to any lure presentation of your choice.

All you need to do is apply additional scent to your lures prior to heading out on the water.

Our go-to added scent is the Dr. Juice Inshore Saltwater Slam Scent.

Put about 8-10 droplets of your favorite scent into the soft plastic lure bag prior to fishing.

You can either do this as soon as you buy a new pack of lures or the night before you plan on heading out on a trip.

Moreover, you should manipulate the packaging and rub the scent into the lures with your fingers after you’ve placed some drops of scent to ensure the lures are properly coated.

This also prevents the need to apply scent when on your boat, kayak, or another type of vessel.

None of the Dr. Juice scent is lost as well because it will all be contained in the bag.

The Salt Strong Slam Series soft plastic fishing lures are shipped out in re-usable plastic bags.

After performing this hack a few times, the bag will become coated in Dr. Juice and provide perfect storage for any new lures you buy or other lures you want to soak up this scent.

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pre-tournament fishing practice highlights

Simple and quick hidden hacks you can use before hitting the water already give you the advantage over other anglers.

Dr. Juice has been proven to work time and again and if your lures are pre-scented with Dr. Juice, you will save time and catch more fish!

Be sure to try out this hack before your next fishing trip!!

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Do you have any more questions about this quick 30-second trick to help you catch more fish?

Let me know down in the comments section below!

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David Larsen
9 days ago

Hi, nice tip. Are there any plastics, and/or colors that should Not be placed together in the same bag? Otherwise keeping a handful of the typical plastics in a single bag soaking is a great space saver, but for me they may be in there for weeks. Concerned with deterioration of the bag and/or plastics. Thanks!

William Velkly
11 days ago

Great tip. If you are using the same lure for 20/30 minutes do you hit It with a little juice or change it out with a different one, and put the first one back in the package?

George Layton
12 days ago

GREAT tip Matt, thanks for sharing !!!

Steven Free
13 days ago

Yea while I dont use the bag thing I do apply my procure to the lures I plan on using right before I launch my boat but man you sure can take the heat all wrapped up like a mummy I love getting a tan myself and just use a good sunscreen but never have the cloths on you where being a yankee at heart I only night fish and fish a couple hours before night then all thru the night then morning to about 10am after that you can have the heat but if I wrapped up myself like you do I would probably faint from heat exhaustion but I’m not you so whatever anyways like i said i do apply scent before hand been doing it for years while other anglers dont use any i use alot of scent because in my murky water here in northeast FL Jacksonville st Augustine area i do everything needed to attract fish i use alot of scent and always except in winter where the fish are spookier i use rattles and vivid colors in warmer months like chartruese and gold and last scent to cover all three sences sight sound and scent been doing it for years thanks for the tip and all you do😉👍

Buddy Harrison
13 days ago

Good stuff Matt! thanks

john mandt
13 days ago

Great tip Matt!!! Thanks!

Capt. Sean O'Hara
13 days ago

No Sound on the video!!!

Pat Ogletree
13 days ago

Great tip Matt! Saves a lot of scrubbing the boat and your clothes!

13 days ago

Stop advertising items that are out of stock… dr juice, has shown as out of stock for the past few days…e-mail rec today 14th, linking this video, just checked again, still out of stock.. please hold these videos until you have the promoted item available for purchase


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