Use THIS Hack To Never Lose Your Snagged Hooks Again


Never lose your snagged hooks again!!!

How many jigheads and plugs have you lost on underwater structure or oyster beds?

We all know fishing underwater structure can be so rewarding and get you on fish fast!

Learn how to get your hung-up hooks back right here!

Never Lose Your Snagged Hooks

How to Read the Bottom (Light Vs. Dark)

When you are fishing a lure close to the bottom around underwater structure, you often have to worry about getting snagged or hung up on oyster beds, rocks, and other structures.

In addition, you are most likely fishing as close as you can to that structure because that is where the fish are holding.

But, you don’t want to have to spend all your time trying to un-snag your hooks or even worse, lose some of your gear.

The Hack

If you happen to get hung up in underwater structure, you first want to reel down on the slack in your line.

Then, while keeping tension on the line, pop the line with your fingers between the first reduction guide and the spool.

This sends a wave of slack down the line so that hook point can try to free itself from the structure it is embedded in.

You do not want to move the rod up with the same force as a hook set but just enough to maintain tension on the line.

As a result, this avoids you from having to cut your line and lose your lures.

Additionally, you preserve the spot you want to fish in by not having to go over and recover your lure.

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Never Lose Your Snagged Hooks

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Losing your terminal tackle and lures to underwater rocks or oyster bars can set you back on time and money.

Next time you get stuck on underwater structure, go ahead and try this hack out to recover your gear!

Be sure not to put too much tension on the line!!

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Do you have any more questions about how to never lose your snagged hooks?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
1 year ago

Well I got news for you never OS a pretty permanent word and fishing and all so called hacks dont always work because of they did tackle manufacturers would be out of business I use a plug knocker that probably works about 95 percent of the time but like fishing nothing is 100 percent guarantee and since I have been fishing for well over 50 years now I have tried your method and yes it sometimes does work but I sure as heck wouldnt say its gaurenteed 🤔

Mark Ethridge Ethridge
1 year ago

Great tip Matt. Going to try that the next time I get hung up.

Mark Ethridge Ethridge
1 year ago

Forgot to ask. Will that trick work with a bait casting setup?

Steve Rackas
1 year ago

I don’t understand. I couldn’t see where your hands were.

Andy Hong
1 year ago

“Golly”! Great video Matt. Beautiful tails on those Reds indeed.

And that’s an awesome trick. Looking forward to trying it the next time I get hung up!


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