Shifty Hack To Save More Money On Weedless Lures

Would you make use of a hack to save more money on weedless lures?

We’ve got you covered!!

In this video, we detail a weedless lure hack you can use to solve common issues anglers sometimes have when it comes to weedless lure setups.

Check it out right here!

Hack To Save More Money On Weedless Lures [VIDEO]

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The first major problem we run into with weedless lures is after you’ve made a ton of casts or caught a bunch of fish, the entry point of the hook in the lure begins to stretch.

The more fish you catch or the more you throw out this presentation, the wider the hole on the lure is going to get.

Once the hole gets big enough, the lure will just slide up and down the hook without any friction.

When you are then casting or retrieving the lure, its presentation will be off and appear unnatural to game fish.

The Hack

All you need to complete this simple hack is your favorite weedless lure setup, a pair of scissors, and FishBites.

To start, cut a very small, thin strip of FishBites.

The reason it has to be so narrow is that your lure presentation is most likely streamlined and thin.

You do not want a larger block of FishBites to hinder your overall presentation.

First, slide the piece of FishBites along the hook and then rig the soft plastic on your weedless hook as normal.

Then, move the piece of FishBites right up below the belly of the soft plastic lure.

With this, you are maintaining the intended action of your lure presentation while adding a bit of bonus scent.

The piece of FishBites will act as a light buffer to prevent your lure from sliding down the hook shank too much.

Another major key to this is ensuring the hook point will be exposed if a fish strikes your lure.

The FishBites will create just enough friction to prevent your lure from sliding all the way down the hook but also expose your hook to where it will catch a fish’s mouth.


jerk shad vs paddletail

Simple and quick hacks like these ensure we don’t lose any fish and we don’t lose any tackle!!!

The hack described above will no doubt extend the life of your weedless lure presentations.

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Do you have any more questions about this hack to save more money on weedless lures?

Let me know in the comments section below!!

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Bob Ray
8 months ago

Sorry Richard but I think you should of mentioned after awhile the fish bite will start to get soft and mushy in our warmer Gulf waters. They used to have what they called rubber hook keepers or snubbers that could be another option.
I’m Old so I know about these and were used mostly in freshwater applications fishing worm harnesses.
Still like all your tips though Rock on 🙂

Matt Lanier
8 months ago

Great tip Richard!

Dragon Lewis
8 months ago

Great tip on how to save some plastic!

Last edited 8 months ago by Dragon Lewis
Steven Free
8 months ago

On all my jigs and spinnerbaits I use a piece of fish bites plus procure in inshore scent if going for trout or reds and flounder pounder for the obvious but to extend my lures sometimes i rig them upside down paddletails work great like this also when they do get torn i use a soldering iron to melt the plastic together again after they get chewed up a second time it’s time to get a fresh one thanks for the tip and all you do😉👍

Luis Arana
8 months ago

I have usually applied a dab of superglue in the hole to seal it up and re-rig. I’ve been known to be that cheap.. lol

George Layton
8 months ago

Great tip Richard, thanks for sharing. By placing the hook into & out of the narrow part of the Fish Bites, most of it it will tuck right into the slot of the lure, still preventing the hook slide plus, making it more aero/hydrodynamic.

Luke Simonds
8 months ago

Great tip Richard!

Terry McLaughlin
8 months ago

As usual another great tip Richard Thanks. Fishbites have so many uses that actually Work. Keep the tips coming. Thanks again

Buddy Harrison
8 months ago

liking this tip … thanks!

Luke Waski
8 months ago

This is genius lol


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