How To Choose The Best Rod For Using Weedless Soft Plastic Lures

Are you making these common mistakes when selecting a fishing rod to use for fishing soft plastic lures?

Does the most expensive fishing rod always mean you will catch the most fish?

Learn how to best match a fishing rod to your soft plastic lures down below!!

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Best Rod For Using Weedless Soft Plastic Lures [VIDEO]

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If you choose the wrong fishing rod, it can affect your hook sets and decrease the amount of fish you land.

You can end up losing a lot of fish that you would otherwise be able to hook into.

The price you pay for a fishing rod doesn’t necessarily correlate to landing more fish.

The problem with some fishing rods is that they have a softer tip with more bend and flexibility.

If you are using a soft plastic jerk bait where the hook is embedded in the lure, you need to have a quick and strong hook set.

For example, as soon as you hook into a seatrout, they will open their mouths and shake their heads.

And if you do not dig the hook point into the trout immediately, you will be unsuccessful.

Rod Power & Action

There are no standard denominations for fishing rod power and action.

Power is how much force it takes to bend the rod.

Action is where on the rod does the bending takes place.

In general, fast action rod tips are best for weedless soft plastic lures.

Rod power and strength vary by brand and manufacturer.

In this example, the G-Loomis 7’6 Heavy Fast rod has the same exact feel as the TFO PS Medium power rod.

In most cases, the Medium-Heavy rods are the ticket for fishing weedless soft plastics.

If you see these rods in stores, you can conduct your own mini-test and bend them to see how much pressure they can take.

Fishing rods with softer tips will decrease the effectiveness of your soft plastic lure hook sets out on the water.

The Bull Bay Stealth Sniper Medium-Heavy Fast Action 7’6 fishing rod is an excellent choice for fishing weedless soft plastics.

To help further demonstrate the differences between fishing rod power, we are setting up a Rod Deflection Graph.

This will allow us to put rods on a wall and put weights on it to show the actual deflection of the rod.

You will be able to visually see the power and the action of fishing rods.

More to come with the Rod Deflection Graph soon!

Softer tip fishing rods are great for jigs with open hooks but can hurt you when you go weedless.


Fishing rod choice has a major impact on what lures you throw as well as your success out on the water.

Just because a rod may be expensive, that does not mean it is necessarily going to yield you more strikes.

Be sure to match the power of the fishing rod you are using with your lure setup, especially when choosing to fish weedless soft plastics!!

Do you have any further questions on choosing fishing rods based on lure options?

Let me know down in the comments!

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4 months ago

I have a bull bay sniper medium can i throw an nlbn mini mullet on a bkk 2,0 on it?

7 months ago

I live in Sarasota. Mostly fish reds, snook and trout on the flats and use live shrimp. What’s your view on Star Stellar Lite rod SG817FT70. Clearance at Bass Pro $69.

1 year ago

Will the G Loomis GCX inshore Spinning Rod 964S MF 8’0″ Heavy Moderate Fast be good for throwing soft plastics. I know fast action is preferred but it’s not offers in the 8’ rod.

Paul Stich
1 year ago

If I am going to just buy one of these rods am I better off buying something like the Avid and just not fish weedless soft plastics or get one of those TFO or E6Xs and use it for everything?

Steve Dupree
1 year ago

Would the St Croix Avid. 7’6” MH Fast be a better option for soft plastics? I have an 8 ft. M fast and I have had issues with weedless soft plastics myself. This explains why. Thanks.

Roy Harsch
2 years ago

I would like to purchase a two section rod or two two section rods for inshore fishing. One for my new Diawa BG 3000 and another 2500 real. It seems that all I see reviewed are single piece rods. I have to travel back and forth and need to fit the rod case in our car. Do you have suggestions?

Minister Brian Bordley
2 years ago
Reply to  Roy Harsch

I’m a salt strong guy I brought there travel rod in aluminum case the presentation and packaging is unmatched the rod is 3 pc rod that becomes a solid 1 piece. It comes with 2 interchangeable distinct power and action tips , & 2 Hookkeeper points
Inshore Options: 7’2” Medium & Medium Heavy | Moderate Fast & Fast

It works for my backbay / inshore striper needs pitching slow butterfly jigs, to my deep drop seabass, tog, or fluking here in NE, paired with my Saltx 4000

Last edited 2 years ago by Minister Brian Bordley
Kenny Miller
2 years ago

Luke, I noticed a theme here in your fishing videos. You and most of the other guys are are using 7’6”. Why not the 7’ versions?
It doesn’t appear casting distance would be an issue.

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Kenny Miller

Casting distance is always an issue… the person who catches the most fish on an inshore trip on a boat is usually the person who can cast the farthest. Not only is more water covered, but the longer casts can reach fish that are least likely to feel the presence of danger in the area.

Marcus Sturgeon
2 years ago

Hey Luke, I enjoyed the article, and had some questions –
Currently my 2 setups are —
Stradic FL 5k w/ 15lb 832 on a Bull Bay Bolt Medium 7’6 (more than likely open hooked swims 3-4″/ weedless or spoons)
Vanford 5k w/ 20 lb 832 on a 7’6 Med Seagis (i primarily throw top waters with)
I’m looking to purchase a MH 7’4 Bullbay Banshee w/ a 4 or c5000 Sustain w/ 20lb (larger swims/spoons)
and something in the ML to M range w/ 10lb (more than likely a c3000 sustain or vanford) for throwing primarily jerk shads I like to have a setup for each specific function as i’m trying to get more into the kayak tournament scene and starting a youtube channel next year. I’ve really enjoyed the bullbay bolt, have you had any experience with the banshee or the teramar xx SE in M or ML (I have one in Xheavy 8′)? And if so, do you think the banshee in a ML would be a solid rod for throwing jerkshads with or what would be another recommendation? Thanks

Luke Simonds
2 years ago

Hey Marcus, I would not recommend a ML banshee for throwing weedless soft plastics because it’s tip will be too soft for getting good hooksets. I actually like their Stealth Sniper best for soft plastics because it has a great blend of power and feel that enables great casting with light lures while also enabling solid hooksets with weedless soft plastics. As for reel size, I recommend going with a 2500 sized reel for that setup because it’ll hold plenty of 10 lb braid while saving some weight and $$ compared to the 5000 setups.

Shane Wilson
2 years ago

Luke, I use the TFO inshore series. How does that rod compare to the TFL professional?

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Shane Wilson

Those blanks are very similar… the Inshore is lighter in weight while still having a similar flex. I like the Pro slightly better because it has a shorter butt and has a hook keeper that can secure a weedless soft plastic lure.

andy huset
2 years ago

Thanks for the help. On a post from Nov.11, I caught 3 small snook and lost a minimum of 20 at the jetties – it was frustrating; I thought it was just me!

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  andy huset

That can happen to any of us when the equipment isn’t optimized.


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