The Bull Bay Stealth Sniper Inshore Fishing Rod Ultimate Review


It’s rod review time!

I’ve been using this rod for a while and it’s a great setup for inshore fishing.

But nothing is perfect.

So in this video, you’ll learn the top pros and cons of the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper inshore fishing rod.

Check it out below!

Bull Bay Stealth Sniper Review [VIDEO]

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Pros & Cons Of The Bull Bay Stealth Sniper


  • Good blend of power and action
  • Great for many different lures and species
  • Tangle-free guides
  • Casts amazing (this is the rod I use for our lure contests)


  • EVA grip material
  • The split-grip (personal preference)
  • Hook keeper does not secure a weedless soft plastic

This inshore rod is strong enough to get a good hook set with soft plastics but light enough to cast little crab lures for sheepshead in the winter.

I also use this with paddletails and topwaters for snook and redfish.

There are only a hand full of rods that have a great combination of both power and action.

And the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper is one of them.

That’s why we used the Stealth Sniper blank to create our custom inshore rod.

You can get our custom rod here:

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salt strong bull bay rod

Overall the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper rod is a great inshore fishing rod.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

But there’s always room for improvement and that’s why we used the Stealth Sniper blank to create our Salt Strong custom rod.

You can get our custom Bull Bay Salt Strong rod here.

And you can get the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper rod here.

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Have you used this rod?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!

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Kalan Guillory
1 month ago

Thanks for reviewing the sniper. Will you consider reviewing the bull bay rods Banshee soon?

Ryan Hainer
3 months ago

Made in USA right? I’d say that’s another ‘pro’ for sure.

Gary Berkson
4 months ago

I actually have several Bull Bay Sniper rods which costs only a few dollars more than the Stealth Sniper and have the split cork. Love the rods. We fish mostly artificial and agree with Luke that the MH in both 7’6” and 7’ are probably best choice for inshore reds and snook, but I also love the 7’ Medium (6-12 lb). It’s a great finesse rod, light as can be, and can handle good sized reds and snook.

Steve Dupree
4 months ago

How does it compare to their Reel Animal Model?

Steve Dupree
4 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds


Asner Reodica
4 months ago

I picked up the Stealth Sniper for a steal, recently. The only one available was the 7’6 Medium Fast 6-12. I was cautious at first because that is a lot lighter than any rod I own. Mind you, I own 2 TFO Pro 7’6 MF. They are rated 6-12. But they have a much thicker backbone. That said, I hooked a 33 inch Snook today at the Spillway. I played the fish a little lighter than normal but the rod handheld the fish beautifully. This rod is a lot of fun. I have it paired with a 2500 Fuego LT w/10lb braid. Casting distance is comparable to the TFO rod. I get a little more distance over the TFO. I am able to launch a 3/16oz jighead with the Sniper. So far, it is a great rod so far. I’ll write a better review once I’ve put more time in.

Steven Rackas
4 months ago

I looked at all of the BB rods at a local tackle shop and was really interested in the Bolt. It is the most expensive of the BB rods. Can you do a review of that rod Luke? Can you sell BB rods on the shop page? I know this is off subject, but I agree with you on the split grips. I have a hard time cleaning the cork on my rods. What is the best way to clean cork without tearing of chunks of it?

Dave Otte
4 months ago
Reply to  Steven Rackas

Magic easier cleans cork handles well. Get it wet and it will take off the dirt. Then use U-40 cork seal to protect the cork for the future.

Dave Otte
4 months ago
Reply to  Dave Otte

Magic eraer

3 months ago
Reply to  Steven Rackas

Try using simple green on it and or a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

Bill Poletti
4 months ago

It’s interesting that the link to the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper rods doesn’t give a rod option for a 7′ 6″ Medium Power Fast Action 8 – 17#. There is one for 7′ 6″ Medium Heavy Fast 8 – 17#, and also a 7′ 6″ Medium Power Fast Action 6 – 12#, but not the rod showed in the review.


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