Power Prawn USA Lures: How To Rig & Use These Lures To Maximize Results


This page will show you how to catch the most fish possible while using your Power Prawn USA shrimp lures.

The videos below will walk you through the essential details to make sure that you know the specifics for the following:

  • What’s the difference between Power Prawn USA & the Brazilian Power Prawn?
  • How to retrieve the Power Prawn USA to trigger strikes
  • How to rig the Power Prawn to get the best motion in the water
  • Ideal equipment and hook set technique
  • When to NOT use the power prawn
  • Rattle tips
  • Storage tips

Just click on the respective videos below to see the details:

Power Prawn USA vs. Brazilian

We launched the Brazilian Power Prawns at the end of 2019, and they have been a great success in helping us and members catch many great fish. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it sure has been awesome seeing so many new Personal Best catches caught on these great lures.

Although the feedback was extremely good, we did receive some constructive criticism from members to highlight things that could be improved. Here’s a quick list of the most common issues listed from members about the Brazilian Power Prawn lures:

  • $3+ per lure is too expensive
  • Too difficult to rig
  • Doesn’t skip well
  • The segmented tail creates a weak point

We of course listened to all feedback and began searching for solutions to fix the issues. And that quest for getting the ultimate shrimp lure has finally resulted in the Power Prawn USA which we are very happy to report is manufactured and packed in the USA.

The Power Prawn USA lures are superior to the Brazilian lures based on the 4 bullets listed above (cost, ease of use, skipping, & tail support).

The only con of the Power Prawn USA lures compared to the Brazilian made prawns is the overall strength of the material. The Brazilian lures are made from TPE which is tougher than even the strong plastisol used for the USA made prawns. We did go with a strong version of plastisol for the Power Prawn USA lures so they can still catch a ton of fish per lure. And with the significant savings per lure, the cost per fish caught metric favors the USA prawns in our opinion.

How To Rig The Power Prawn

The following videos show how to rig the Power Prawn lures to maximize your fish catching. You’ll see the top ways to rig these great lures on jig heads for covering the deeper water as well as a unique weedless rig for covering shallower water with a lot of structure.

Weedless Weighted Hook Rig

These Power Prawn USA lures can be rigged on a variety of weighted hooks. You’ll just need to make sure that the hook has a wide enough gap to enable good hooksets.

Here’s a video showing the best weighted hook we’ve found so for for these lures:

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See a fun trip skipping this lure under docks

Jighead Rig

Rigging the Power Prawn USA lures on jigheads is crucial when in need of fishing water more than 3 ft deep because they enable the lure to get down to the bottom where most of the feeding activity takes place.

These lures can be rigged on a variety of different jig heads, but these Mag Shroomz jigs have made it to the top of our list of jigheads to use based on how well they work:

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Here’s a table for selecting the right jig head based on depth zone coverage needed:

  • 1/8th oz – ideal for fishing the shallows down to roughly 4 ft of water
  • 3/16th oz – ideal for covering ranges from 3 ft to 5 ft of water
  • 1/4th oz – ideal for 4 ft depths down to roughly 7 ft of water
  • 3/8th oz – ideal for 6 ft depths down to roughly 12 ft of water


– These depth zones are just estimates… you may need to go heavier if you’re fishing an area with strong currents or if you’re fishing with thick lines.

– We’ll be bringing on larger jig heads soon for those who want to fish these shrimp lures in deeper water.

Retrieving The Power Prawn

The following videos show how to rig the Power Prawn lures to maximize your fish catching. You’ll see the top ways to retrieve these great lures on jig heads for covering the deeper water as well as how to use the weedless setup for covering shallower water with a lot of structure.

Shallows With Structure

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Skipping Under Docks/Trees

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Ideal Equipment & Hook Set

This video explains the type of equipment that will help maximize your results using these Power Prawn USA lures along with some hookset tips from a fun video I filmed with the original Power Prawn lures.


I highly recommend 7′ to 7’6″ Fast Action blanks with Medium Heavy power (Medium for some brands like TFO).

  • [Spinning] Click here to see the overall cross-brand rod review for Club Members
  • [Baitcasting] I am newly starting to use baitcasting for saltwater fishing when using these lures for dock fishing because it helps me get better casting performance when using stronger line (30 lb braid). The rod I’m testing is the Omen Black from 13 Fishing (7 ft Moderate power… I wish I got a MH power because this one is only rated for 8-17 lb lines)


I highly recommend using a braid mainline and a ~2ft mono/fluoro leader for maximizing your results when using the Power Prawns… I like 10 lb for the open flats, 30 lb for bigger fish close to structure (docks, rocks, etc.), and in between 10 and 30 if used to fish a heavy mix of structure and open.


In my opinion, the reel is not as important as the rod and the line. I recommend 3000 sized reels for inshore fishing with the Power Prawn lures because they hold plenty of line and have sufficient drag strength while they weigh much less than the larger reels.

When To Not Use The Power Prawn

This Power Prawn lure is at its best when fishing coastal areas with shrimp populations, so these lures get less effective when pushing up into inland creeks and rivers with lower salinity.

Also, this lure’s core appeal is that it has great action in the water (similar to a bucktail jig) clearly looking like a shrimp (big benefit over bucktail jig) which is why it has a knack for catching very big fish.

Given that its motion and visual definition are its top attributes, this lure is best suited for clear to moderately clear water. If you’re fishing in murky water zones, I’d recommend adding rattles and perhaps even using it under a popping cork so fish can feel it better. Otherwise, use a paddletail lure so that you’ll have more vibration in the water.

Rattle Tips

power prawn usa rattles

One of many great things about these Power Prawn lures is that they are made from a material that can allow for rattles to be inserted into it without any negative consequences.

The use of rattles seems to help draw more strikes in most conditions. But I prefer to not use them when fishing in calm and clear water because the extra vibration can come across as unnatural and spook fish off.

So having the ability to quickly and easily add and take away the rattles is very helpful for us to maximize our time out on the water.

My personal favorite rattles are these Battle Rattles because they are nice and small while having a good amount of noise/vibration

Here’s a video showing the best way to insert them into the Power Prawn USA lures:

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Battle Rattles: https://fishstrong.com/products/battle-rattle

Storing Tips

Just like all soft plastics, it’s important to not mix them with other brands when you’re storing them because some materials have a chemical reaction when exposed to different materials from other soft plastics.

I personally recommend storing them in their packages they come in to make sure that keep their form and which will ensure that they look great in the water.

Note: This material does not require that you keep it wet, so you can store it for long periods of time while rigged on your rod.


These Power Prawn lures will enable you to catch quality fish across all regions in areas where predator fish are feeding in the shallows even when other lures don’t seem to work.

The key is to practice the rigging and retrieve techniques shown in the videos above.

In a short amount of time, you’ll undoubtedly be catching more and bigger fish up in the shallows by using these unique lures.

Click here to order these awesome Power Prawn USA lures

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions… I am here to help!

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William Fishburne
25 days ago

You say. above that the Mag Shroomz is great ( maybe best) to use on the Original power prawn in deeper water.
But on the new Hook Selection Chart , the Hoss Helix Football Jig is rated as the best.
Please explain when (if ever) you would use the Shroomz instead of the Hoss.

Eric Corse
2 months ago

It was all Otis could do to keep from going in on the dock video.

Zach Curtis
2 months ago

Santa brought my wife these lures in her stocking and we cannot wait to try them! Got skunked the last few trips out. Tons of fish, all hanging at 5-7 feet and I could not get anything in. Videos were a constant barrage of reminding me what we are doing wrong, meaning thanks so much, VERY helpful!

Judson Syrett
3 months ago

I purchased a bundle. Looking forward to using them here in Charleston, SC. Wondering about the effectivness as the seasons change. Going into the coldest time of year here. Will these still be effective or as effective as say end of summer into fall?

Finn Solheim
3 months ago
Reply to  Judson Syrett

Hey Judson; I’m in DeBordieu Creeks- Georgetown. I’m curious about what they Salt Bros say about your question. I have the same question. The Reds here are slow to bite and have empty stomachs. I’m super curious about whether the bundle you and I bought is the right thing for here.

Let us know Salt Bros!

William Rhodes
4 months ago

I have purchased Power Prawn today and I am looking forward to giving it a try in Tampa Bay FL. I usually fish the shallow waters around the docks and the mangroves. I caught a 26” Red Fish Yesterday using a small bait fish. I would really like to master the artificial baits. I have very little experience with artificial baits so I’m hoping to gain a little confidence with these Power Prawns. I also love to dock fish and have had great success catching fish on the docks. TY for your videos as they have helped me locate bigger fish.

Dave Frymier
5 months ago

Got a chance to try the Power Prawn junior here in St Augustine last Thursday. The water has cleared up a bit (note that’s not really clear, just relative) after the storm. The good news is they worked great – caught several redfish and flounder with them at the back of a creek in about an hour period at the end of a falling tide. The bad news is that every fish knocked out the rattle – which gets expensive. Rattles are very important here in NE Florida where the water is never actually clear. I’ve watched the video I’m posting this comment to – and that’s the way I installed them. Any tips on keeping the rattles in these lures? I’ve got one with Superglue applied to the tip pre-insertion and a bit more over the hole sitting on the corner of my desk here – waiting to see if there is some sort of funky reaction (like SuperGlue and Z-man lures).

Orrin Cummins
6 months ago

Looking forward to trying these, my goldigger power prawns just arrived today. More importantly, so did the weedless Hoss hooks…way too much seagrass and marsh where I live to cast anywhere near the shore if you aren’t rigged weedless.

steve oshman
6 months ago

Any suggestions for wade fishing shallow mud flats where you sink down 4 to 12 inches. Tried mudder boots without much luck

cindy underwood
7 months ago

I’m a new member also. I enjoy the videos but I don’t own a boat so we either fish from a pier or land, mainly
in Galveston Texas, or Texas city dike. I’m not finding any info on that.
P.S. I’m also having difficulty navigating the site for fishing reports in my areas, and using the app to track the fish.


Mike Hoffman
7 months ago

I am a new member and really enjoyed seeing the video you produced as well as reading how to use the power prawn and how to rig it. I have bought and used the FRED paddletail and thought it out fished my normal paddletail that I have been using for the last five years. I wade fish about 75% of the time and use a bait casting reel exclusively.I ordered the Prawn USA regular and junior and look foreward to putting them to the test. I do have a few questions when it comes to hooks.I normally use either a twist on 1/16 or 1/32 lead head jig since I fish pretty shallow most of the time I have tried using weedless hooks but it seems like I don’t get a hookset near as well as I do with the leadhead jigs.I am looking forward to trying your number three and number four helix weighted hooks to see if I do better Again thanks for the information it really is informative.


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