Skip Casting Shrimp Lure Under Docks For Redfish And Snook


Skip casting shrimp lures under docks can be extremely rewarding for those of us who like catching redfish and snook.

But it can be super frustrating if the lure you’re using isn’t suited for this type of fishing which requires being able to handle a lot of close contact with hard structure without getting snagged.

This fun fishing report shows how exciting this type of fishing can be because I caught some very nice fish (one of which was my favorite catch in the past 4 years).

And the great results came in spite of seeing very few signs of marine life in the areas I was fishing that day.

Here’s a fun fishing video in which you’ll see how this style of fishing in action.

Skip Casting Shrimp Lure Under Docks

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Equipment Used:

Shallow Running Lure (docks less than 4 ft)

Deeper Zone (more than 4 ft of water)

huge snook caught underneath dock on power prawn usa


Skipping shrimp lures under docks is becoming my most trusted type of fishing to do when in need of catching good fish in tough conditions.

The key is to use a great lure that has the following characteristics:

  1. Great action in the water
  2. Weedless
  3. Realistic appearance
  4. Good for skip casting

And our new shrimp lure was designed to have all four of these important characteristics which is why is has quickly become my favorite lure for this type of fishing.

Not only does this lure perform well at drawing strikes when fishing docks, but it seems to fool the bigger fish more frequently given that my average catch size has gone way up since I began using it.

Make sure to get some of these new lures if you haven’t yet done so.

Note: We are so confident in these lures that we offer a guarantee that they’ll be your favorite shrimp lure of all once you give them a shot… if you don’t think they are awesome, just let us know and we’ll refund what you paid for them so you have nothing to lose by given them a try.

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George Layton
1 year ago

Great work Luke, that Big girl Snook had to have been a THRILL !!! Thanks for the in depth info !!

tom paulits
1 year ago

May I ask how you can tell the difference between how a redfish hits and how a snook hits the bait? I’ve caught a few redfish but still waiting for my first snook.

tom paulits
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks Luke! What’s the over/under on how many times Otis jumps into the water on each trip?

Jim Hunt
1 year ago

Nice catch! Do you recommend using the “Dirty Deeks” leader setup for fishing docks?


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