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Steve Hicks
1 year ago

Planning on doing some Permit/large Mutton fishing down off of Marathon; planning on using my TFO Pro 7’6” MH n conjunction with my Penn Slammer IV. Love my rod but haven’t caught anything big on it (yet); does my rod have enough backbone for the job or do I need to go heavier?

1 year ago

Steve again, back from Florida. Fished a bunch of the favored spots around Tampa Bay and those inlets north of it with my buddy Blair (Salt Strong member, also from Canada): water was cold and cloudy everywhere we went and fishing sucked, very disappointing. And it wasn’t just us being lousy fishermen, we put in the work and tried all manner of “bait” – live shrimp, dead and live Pinfish, FishBites (shrimp and sand flea), Goofy Jigs ( various color combos), Rapala and LiveTarget jerkbaits, Slam Shadys, Zman and Fishaholic paddle tails, various hair jigs and of course popper, torpedo and pencil topwaters. We ended up catching 9 different species but all (except a lady fish) were under 8” in length. And, we actually out fished all the other anglers we met and spoke with. Tragic. HOWEVER, we each bought a TFO Pro S MH 7’6” rod and hot damn are they ever GREAT rods. So, if you’re reading this and looking at buying a new rod – GET ONE OF THEM! No need to brake the bank, at their price point these rods ROCK!

1 year ago

I’m from Canada and watch a ton of Florida YouTube vids in preparation for my annual fishing trip down south. Couple of things that bother me: do they not sell nets down there and why do so many of your YouTubers target fish that are not in season? On way too many occasions do you see content providers dragging fish across rocks, slinging them up on concrete docks etc, only to later just throw them back. Just today watched another of many where the guys were using live Pinfish, specifically targeting Grouper, catching a bunch (nothing else), ripping lips, having them bounce all over the boat and guess what_ they are not in season!! Don’t get it. SaltStrong is huge, you guys (and gals) provide expert tutoring on almost all things fishing; how’s about a vid or two on best handling practices and throw in some ethics. Thanks

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve

We have a lot of lessons about handling fish… here’s one in particular that I recommend sending to anyone who you feel is not handling fish properly:

For more conservation-focused posts, here’s a link:

Steve Hicks
1 year ago

Hey guys; have you had any feedback on your members using Slam Shady’s (or FREDS) as a bass drop shot bait. I’m up in Canada, (get down to Fla about a month a year for some salt fishing) and have recently been crushing the Smallmouth on your paddle tails. Going to try them on the drop shot, expect good results, and was wondering if others have already tried it/success?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Hicks

I have seen a lot of reports of bass caught with the Slam Shady & FRED lures, but I’m not sure if they were using them as part of drop shot rigs or not… I’d be surprised if they didn’t work in a drop shot setup though.

Please keep us posted to you what find out when you try it.

Juan Batch
2 years ago

Wyatt Im trying to figure out how I can get the larger Slam Shady. Its almost twice as large as the 2.0 Dont get me wrong the 2.0 is great also. Big lures BIG fish?

Brett Coates
2 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you. You guys are so great and I love the videos you put together. I just went fishing today and the only thing that was catching fish was the slam shady and the alabama leprechan jerk shad. I always try to shop you all first if I am looking for tackle. I like to support you guys whenever I can. Thanks for all you guy are doing. It is much appreciated!

John Pierce
2 years ago

I just saw your video on strength of uni vs Palomar. My question to you is, while you were only testing knots, what’s the deal with a 10lb. line testing to 20 lbs? What does that say about old records prior to braid lines? Isn’t a 10lb. line supposed to break at 10 lbs? Give or take say 10% not 100%

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  John Pierce

For going after line class records, anglers have to use lines that are approved by the IGFA to have the respective breaking point on the package… these braid lines with much higher actual breaking points do not qualify for going after line class records.

R G;lenn Morris
3 years ago

I would like a kit ideal for a kayak or pwcraft that has 3 each of weights, jigs ,slam shady or whatever would make up a simple kit that covers the basics

Vernon Eakins
3 years ago

Just ordered the Power prawg shrimp and weedless gig jeads,after watching you video, can not wait to get them in the water and into some Trout mouths. By the way I lost the link for the RED Salt Strong nonsinkable Hats, sure would love to get one of those babies now that I have officialy ordered a new 20plus order. Hope you can make that happen for me. Thanks and keep up the great content. Does Otis not like big boats, or do you not want him along on anymore fishing trips? He cant help it, it might not be a Duck but he knows Dad is pulling in the GAME!

Robert Del Valle
3 years ago

good morning. I just wanted to confirm if you have my correct mailing address.


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