NEW! Salt Strong Tackle Store (Thousands Of New Fishing Items)


Thousands of new pieces of fishing tackle and equipment!!!

Most tackle stores add a few new products at a time…

But here at Salt Strong, we like to think BIG!

And after serving our amazing community with unbiased reviews, how-to fishing tips, and real-time on the water fishing reports for our Insider members, we’re proud to be teaming up with Southeastern Tackle to bring you a tackle store where you get everything you need all in one place.

You’ll see quite a few thousand new items today and we’ll be adding more every hour!

The best news is that Salt Strong Insiders get 20% OFF the entire store (all day, every day)!

Start your shopping here now!

Listen to the exciting news below.

The Salt Strong Tackle Store [VIDEO]

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John Pierce
3 months ago

I just saw your video on strength of uni vs Palomar. My question to you is, while you were only testing knots, what’s the deal with a 10lb. line testing to 20 lbs? What does that say about old records prior to braid lines? Isn’t a 10lb. line supposed to break at 10 lbs? Give or take say 10% not 100%

3 months ago
Reply to  John Pierce

For going after line class records, anglers have to use lines that are approved by the IGFA to have the respective breaking point on the package… these braid lines with much higher actual breaking points do not qualify for going after line class records.

R G;lenn Morris
5 months ago

I would like a kit ideal for a kayak or pwcraft that has 3 each of weights, jigs ,slam shady or whatever would make up a simple kit that covers the basics

Vernon Eakins
5 months ago

Just ordered the Power prawg shrimp and weedless gig jeads,after watching you video, can not wait to get them in the water and into some Trout mouths. By the way I lost the link for the RED Salt Strong nonsinkable Hats, sure would love to get one of those babies now that I have officialy ordered a new 20plus order. Hope you can make that happen for me. Thanks and keep up the great content. Does Otis not like big boats, or do you not want him along on anymore fishing trips? He cant help it, it might not be a Duck but he knows Dad is pulling in the GAME!

Robert Del Valle
6 months ago

good morning. I just wanted to confirm if you have my correct mailing address.

Kenneth Sumlin
8 months ago

Hey Joe, I recently bought the power prawn and the Jr version.
When do you think you be able to only sell the hooks for these lures?

Troy Adams
8 months ago

Hi guys!when might you expect to receive more TFO rods?

Roger Bonifield
1 year ago

I was looking for a post you put up some time ago about your favorite wading shoes. Can you tell me what they are and if Southeast has them?

1 year ago

SFT has primarily stocked the Frogg Togg brand the last few years. Let me find the post you are referencing and I’ll reply again. Thanks for your patience.

Mark Goodson
1 year ago

I’ll see if I can dig up the post you are referencing. As far as what Southeastern Fishing Tackle stocks, they traditionally carry Frogg Toggs.

Steven Schaff
1 year ago

Check out the Shimano Flats Wading Boots

1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Schaff

Thanks Steven

Roger Bonifield
1 year ago

Are the other Z-man slam shady sizes available in the newer, easier to use, rubber as the SaltStrong edition, and/or will they be soon?

Roger Bonifield
1 year ago

Not sure to put 3 questions in one or three posts, but first, I realize it is going to take awhile for Southeast to realize the demand your members create. Three of the four basic terminal tackle items I wanted were out of stock, but I will be back. Hopefully this will get worked out in the new future,

Mark Goodson
1 year ago

Let me know what you are looking for and I will build you a custom cart for check out

Roger Bonifield
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Goodson

I’ve been waiting for the Z-Man trout eye jighead in 1/4 or even the 3/8 oz , and the Owner Twist lock in the 4/0 1/8 oz. I also saw a post by Tony that they are now available in a 3/0 1/8 oz. Any chance those will be coming in soon. Looking at some other tackle as well, but getting pretty low on those items, Thank you

Mark Goodson
1 year ago

Z-man will be updated tomorrow. There will be 288 of each size and color. They will go extremely fast!! I believe the owner hooks will be in shortly as well (4-6 days based on what i was told).

Chris Stanard
1 year ago

This is great! Thanks so much for all you do. My wife is threatening to take away my credit card. Just purchased a TFO rod and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Redfish Magic lure would be a nice addition.


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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