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We’ve got 30,000 redfish. Where should we put them???

What are the top 3 finesse lures for inshore fishing?

When should you use a topwater lure over a twitchbait?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Rod Series Review
  • Trolling For Spanish Mackerel [Fishing Report]
  • Fastest Way To Catch Trout (Before Work)
  • Quick Hack To Find Fishing Hotspots In Dirty Water

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We’ve Got 30,000 Redfish. Where Should We Put Them?

We've got 30,000 redfish ready to be released! The question is: Where should we put them? Sticking to our company values, we believe in...
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100 Pack Of Prawns Winner Announcement (Plus NEW June Giveaway Prize!!)

We’ve got a couple of giveaway announcements!!! As you know, every single month we give away something COOL to the Insider Member that has been...
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The Secret To Catching Tarpon On Butterflied Mullet

Did you know that fresh cut mullet is one of the best baits for big fish? You can catch a variety of monster fish if you do this...
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How Matt & Pat Chased Down Redfish In High Winds & Tall Grass [Insider Report]

Pat and I were ready to team up for round 2 of picking out an inshore slam in one trip. We scouted out a place...
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Texas Insider Meetup Slam While Wading! [Insider Report]

This weekend, we hosted an informal Salt Strong Meetup a little South of Corpus Christi! It was a super fun day of fishing, as the...
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Topwater VS. Twitchbait (When To Use One Over The Other)

When should you use the Salt Strong Moonwalker over the Paul Brown “Corky” Fat Boy Pro, and vice versa? Both of these lures have very...
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How To Stack The Odds In Your Favor For A Great Day Of Fishing [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I could target fish on an Incoming tide over mudflats. The concept behind this...
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How I Saved Myself From Getting Skunked [Insider Report]

On this trip, I had to completely drop my pre-trip plan and go with a Plan B. Often times we will make the mistake of...
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In-Depth Analysis Of Fitzgerald Fishing Aqua Dream Series Rods

Our team has been fishing with Fitzgerald Fishing Custom Rods and we've been impressed!!! The quality and attention to detail are...
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Snook & Cuda Fun With Power Prawn USA Lures [Insider Report]

See the Insider Report from the recent trip to the Manatee River with some fun the snook and barracuda catches.
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Trolling For Spanish Mackerel From A Kayak [Fishing Report]

Last week I struggled to get a bite in the midst of a Spanish Mackerel frenzy, so I decided to start trolling and see what would strike...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [June 10th to 12th]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the latest feeding trends and...
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Where To Find Reds On A Flood Tide [Insider Report]

So where do you go to find fish when there is much more water than normal? In this report, I was fishing with fellow fishing...
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Quick Hack To Find Fishing Hotspots In Dirty Water FAST

Use this super quick hack to find fishing hotspots in dirty water!! Our NEW Smart Fishing Spots App has completely changed the way we...
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How Far From Fishing Spot Should I Turn Off The Motor [Quick Q&A]

This quick Q&A video explains the answer to the following subscriber question: "How Far From Fishing Spot Should I Turn Off The Motor?"
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