How Far From Fishing Spot Should I Turn Off The Motor [Quick Q&A]


This quick Q&A video explains the answer to the following question that recently came in from a subscriber: “How Far From Fishing Spot Should I Turn Off The Motor?”

This is a great question because this topic often gets overlooked, and it can be a huge source of spooking fish if not done properly.

As you’ll see in the video below, you’ll need to consider a few factors to know how much space you’ll need to give to fish to make sure you don’t spook them.

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Seemingly small topics like this can make a huge deal when fishing especially if you’re fishing areas around high populations where fish can be extra spooky.

Please use the Comments section below to share your thoughts as to how far the boat motor needs to be turned off while approaching a spot.

And as always, please feel free to ask any questions as well because we love hearing from you.

Tight Lines!

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Craig Berns
9 months ago

Great info the comments I read we all so very helpful

9 months ago

What are your thoughts on the type of gas/oil you use in the newer 4 stroke engines?
I personally use non-ethanol gas 89 grade. Lot of people use regular pump gas and add their own additives, but the 10% or lower ethanol is putting a small amount of water in your fuel. I know the newer motors are engineered for pump gas but I feel safer with the non-ethanol. Do you feel that is a waste of $?

I also wanted to get the Salt Strong nations opinions on the type of oil used.
I personally use full synthetic in my 2 stroke and 4.

9 months ago

What is your thought on live well noise ?

Rob S
9 months ago

Well covered, Luke. I would add frequency of boat traffic as another condition that influences fish response. In highly populated areas with constant boat traffic, I think fish become less skittish outside of extreme shallows. You see this same phenomena in animals when they’re around people in neighborhoods versus in wilderness settings.

Thom Ray
9 months ago
Reply to  Rob S

That’s an interesting point Rob. On the weekends the several barrier islands in the Tarpon Springs area are packed w pleasure boaters on the beaches and sand bars. I’ve picked off many snook & trout from these anchored boats by positioning my boat a cast length or two away. I discovered this when I was doing pleasure cruises/ charters for people and dropping them off at the beach. I was just throwing a lure to kill time and found it productive. I also see a lot of nice sized snook between the beach and anchored boats.


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