Strong Angler Of The Week: Jason Rosado


It’s time for the Strong Angler of the Week!

This is an honor that goes to an Insider who’s on the water catching fish and making memories with their friends and family.

Today, we’re talking to Jason who recently went out with a buddy in his jon boat and the conditions were perfect for topwater!

The highlight of the trip was watching all of the crazy topwater action and seeing 2 redfish try to attack the Moonwalker at the same time.

Get the full story of how he truly appreciates the Insider Community and what sets the club apart!

Check it out!

Strong Angler Of The Week [Video]

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Awesome job, Jason!

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Matthew Lanier
1 year ago

Congrats Jason! Great trip buddy!

Jason Rosado
1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Thank you sir! SaltStrong lures were the winners that day 😁

Art Heiter
1 year ago

Great morning Jason! Thanks for sharing how you fished it.

Jason Rosado
1 year ago
Reply to  Art Heiter

No problem 👍


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