We’ve Got 30,000 Redfish. Where Should We Put Them?

We’ve got 30,000 redfish ready to be released!

The question is: Where should we put them?

Sticking to our company values, we believe in sharing the love of fishing with friends and family as well as sustaining fisheries and marine wildlife for future generations.

To recognize reaching 30,000 Insider Members in our Community, we decided to team up with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium to release 30,000 redfish into our waters!

We want your feedback on where we should release these redfish!!

Check it out!!!

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We’ve Got 30,000 Redfish [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in this episode, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:30 – We’ve got 30,000 redfish to release!!!
  • 2:12 – Insider Club Beginnings
  • 3:53 – Mote Aquaculture Park (Conservation Initiatives)
  • 6:15 – Why Redfish??
  • 7:06 – Seagrass Conservation
  • 8:43 – 30,000 Redfish for 30,000 Insider Members
  • 9:15 – Where do you think we should release these fish?
  • 10:06 – Tags and Tracking
  • 14:15 – Why we decided to team up with Mote
  • 17:52 – Insider Members will have the chance to volunteer with us
  • 19:23 – Field Trips to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium
  • 21:19 – Our Inspiration

We’ve Got 30,000 Redfish [VIDEO]

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fish handling tips

It is our duty to maintain and sustain our fisheries for the many generations to come after us.

If we do not start to take more care of our waterways, seagrass, and fisheries, then there won’t be fish to catch!

Let us know where you think these redfish should be released down in the comments!

Do you have any other questions about why we’ve got 30,000 redfish to release?

Let us know below!!

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Rob S
4 months ago

An announcement like this creates a lot of excitement and a feel good emotion. Never heard anymore as to whether these Redfish were released and where.

Russ Meinert
9 months ago

Another great idea from the “Salt Strong Team (Family)”. You make all of us feel like a part of the family. I’ve been an “Insider” for a little over two years and although I’m still not a really good fisherman-I’m 100% better than I use to be, and because of your family, getting better every day.
I would love to help with this project and I live on the south end of Siesta Key, so Mote is very convenient for me.
Speaking of where I live, I would also suggest that we couldn’t use more than 10,000 to 12,000 of those Redfish around the south end of Siesta Key that you are going to release.
I’m just saying…..
Russ Meinert

Elijah Mua
9 months ago

My suggestion for release would be in the same area that you plan to hold the next big meet up. Then you could also do some sort of contest to see if the members that show up to the meet up can catch one of the tagged fish and have prizes for one. You could use a spaghetti tag with an identifiable code representing each member for each fish as well. I think it would be entertaining to know that I could go out and catch Joe redfish on any given cast.

Bryan Noar
9 months ago

Awesome project – kudos – keep us updated often! Please consider Sarasota area – the red tide really seemed to impact the redfish population negatively.

9 months ago

What a great project! So glad to hear SS is involved in it. Would love to suggest the Indian River Lagoon area (Brevard County). Water quality is greatly improving but seagrass not as fast so I’m not sure if its a great choice or not at this time. In any case I would volunteer to help in the release if close enough for me to get there.

Roy Sledjeski
9 months ago

Hey Joe and Justin, the redfish release sounds like a very noble endeavor and will benefit many anglers for years to come. The Big Sarasota/Middlegrounds area of Sarasota Bay was hit extremely hard by red tide in 2018 and the resident redfish population was devastated. The redfish catches up to the present have been very sparse to where previously it was very healthy population. I know myself and other anglers who fish this area would very much appreciate consideration for a redfish release. Thank you for all do!!!

Jeff Snowden
9 months ago

This is such a cool project for Salt Strong to be involved in. Can’t wait to hear about these fishbeung tracked for years to come. Keep up the conservation efforts guys.

David Hettenhouser
9 months ago

It’s all great what you guys are doing. You can release them anywhere . Just post the dates of the release. That would be a great fall trip for me coming down from SC

Russ Haynes
9 months ago

We used to have a good population of redfish in Mobile Bay. Well, I caught 2 all of last year, which I released. Worse than that is the flounder situation. I used to catch flounder regularly. I haven’t caught one, not ONE, in 12 years! In other words since the BP oil spill.
While I would love to have some redfish added to our waters, I think our problem is greater than natural production.

Wayne Davidson
9 months ago

If it were my choice I would say Mobile Bay, that’s where I fish. We just had a massive fish kill of bull reds along Dixie Bar, Mouth of Mobile Bay, I think it was due to a low oxygen level. But all-in-all I think you guys are doing a good thing by giving back to the fish conservation no matter where you decide to put them! Thanks and stay “SaltStrong”!!!


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