One-Year Review Of The Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Fishing Rod Series

After 12 months of on-the-water use, here’s the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Rod ONE-YEAR REVIEW!

If you’ve seen my videos in the past, I always have my EIGHT rods with me in the back of the kayak.

I frequently rotate these rods in and out but this Fitzgerald Aqua Dream rod is here to stay!

Here’s why!!!

Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Rod One-Year Review [VIDEO]

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The different rods I take out on my kayak often depend on what I’m going to throw along with the conditions.

I prefer to pair my presentations according to the rod/reel outfit.

Each setup behind me has its own intended use.

The Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Series is a high-quality blank specialized for inshore saltwater fishing.

You may have heard of Fitzgerald Fishing in the freshwater realm.

But they now have saltwater rods tailored to fulfill the needs of an inshore angler.

Aqua Dream Series

The Aqua Dream Series is specifically designed to withstand the elements of saltwater fishing.

The butt section of this rod includes a foam handle attached to the exposed blank.

That exposed blank section provides an additional feel.

On the reel seat where your hand rests is a cork handle.

Moreover, the hook keeper for this rod is actually facing out toward the side of the rod.

This is a small detail but when you’re changing rods or you’re done for the day, it makes it easier to attach your lure to the hook keeper.

Additionally, the Aqua Dream Series Rods incorporate a MicroWave Guide System including Dura-Lite guide inserts.

That greatly reduces friction on the braid when you’re casting.

Not only does that protect your line, but it also increases castability.

That is not to say it will increase your casting distance, but it will help you cast with better accuracy.

The blank of the rod itself is a lightweight, composite blank.

Also, the action in this rod has more of a parabolic deflection which is fancy for Moderate-Fast Action.

The bend in this fishing rod is a bit lower than that of a Fast-Action.

That means it is easier to reel in a heavier load on light lures.

Furthermore, the Aqua Dream Series is incredibly balanced.

I paired mine up with a Daiwa Ballistic MQ 3000.

All of this attention to detail amounts to a high-quality product at an ideal price point (under $200!)

What Sets This Rod Apart?

The high-quality components in conjunction with the moderately-fast action blank set this rod apart from the rest.

When this rod is under a load, the bend will be a bit further down than in other blanks.

This allows you to have better, more accurate casts when fishing with super light lures.

You’re able to feel all the action and sub-surface lure behavior.

Some stiffer fishing rods make it difficult to have a sustained connection to your lure in the water.

So how does this help you catch more fish?

If you mostly throw lightweight presentations, then this is a great fit for you.

These rods absolutely shine when it comes to throwing suspended twitchbaits and lightweight subsurface plugs.

All in all, this rod series would fit right into your inshore saltwater fishing arsenal and are built to last.

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All you have to do is pair it up with a fishing rod, tie on a leader, and hit the water!!

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them down below!

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Hubert Stoffel
7 months ago

Outstanding review and presentation, Matt. Would the rod be a good choice for beach fishing with spoons, soft and hardbodied luresfor parallel and angled presentations. New to saltwater, but have a 50 year freshwater flyfishing background and prefer rods with moderate fast actions.

John Hatfield
9 months ago

Great presentation!!! I use this same rod with a Shimano reel and love it. Really like the precision eyelet system. Also have a few other Fitzgerald casting rods with same satisfaction. I too had a broken tip and Fitzgerald was great to work with. Great price for quality across Fitzgerald arsenal of rods.

Robert Stewart
9 months ago

Excellent presentation, Matt. Enjoyed the education aspects of the Aqua Dream series rod. Thank you. And Tight Lines.

9 months ago

Thanks Matt would you use this rod for running the power prawn or slam shady or would you suggest something different for that

Tim Carroll
9 months ago

Hey Matt I own several tfo rods, I’m waiting for the slot machine rods to come back in to get one of those, would you recommend this rod or any other rod y’all have over the slot machine? 

Rick Ziemek
9 months ago

Thank you Matt excellent video. And for those of you who care, and all of us should!!!!!!

This high quality Rod is made in the United States of America. Thank you Matt for recommending products made in USA.

Rick Z – Siesta Key

Thomas Utley
9 months ago

Definitely very good presentation on the aqua rod and the bait’s utilized and the various techniques and opportunities how to and when to use …. I use all the baits he mentioned and I have various lengths and weight classes in my inshore rods …. I have used G-Loomis Rods for many years and the inshore series is truly awesome … My question is for y’all; how does this rod stack up to the inshore rods that I already use…. ! I love the feel and action of each and every G-Loomis in my arsenal… !

Gwendolyn Stanfill
9 months ago

Matt- Thanks for another informative video! Love your enthusiasm. Curious if you had a recommendation for a rod to use with the Daiwa BG MQ2500D-H. I have a couple of the TFO rods that I love. Picked this reel up on the last promotion Salt Strong had and haven’t seen a lot of in stock rods. Is the reel heavy enough for casual beach fishing? Still new to the sport and like hearing advice and tips from you guys. Thanks and keep the videos coming.

Gwendolyn Stanfill
9 months ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Did you have a recommendation on a rod for this reel?

Gwendolyn Stanfill
9 months ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier



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