How To Catch More Flounder In The Marshes [Clues, Tricks, & MORE]

What do you need to do to catch more flounder in the marshes?

How should you specifically target these fish?

Let’s dive into the basics!!

Catch More Flounder In The Marshes [VIDEO]

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Typical Flounder Spots

The first spot to look for flounder is along tall grasslines.

Not seagrass in the water but the grass that grows tall along the shorelines.

Oftentimes, flounder will pin prey up against these shorelines to feed.

Some grasslines are going to be better than others.

What sets those apart is the presence of bait.

Also, grasslines with depth changes or hard structure nearby are best to find flounder.

The best combination of these features in one area will give you the best shot at catching flounder.

Moreover, you want to also be on the lookout for oyster beds.

Oyster beds attract all sorts of predatory fish.

Flounder love to hang by oyster beds looking for meals.

If you can find several oyster beds all in one area, that’s even better.

The water will create a small current moving in and around them and sometimes a trough is dug out below.

That is an excellent place for flounder to wait and ambush prey.

Additionally, we want to look for flounder near creek mouths.

Especially those creek mouths that drain out from the marsh.

If you’re able to, fish these spots on an outgoing tide because all that bait gets flushed out with the tide.

Fish each part of the creek mouth carefully.

Mudflats are also a fantastic spot to fish for flounder.

The better types of mudflats have different bottom structure and drop-offs.

Overlooked spots like docks and pilings are also key areas to look for flounder.

They’ll use that structure as an ambush location to hunt bait.

Another thing to take note of is flounder are community feeders.

Typically, if you hook into one, there will more than likely be more.

Flounder Lures & Retrieves

One of my favorite types of lures for flounder fishing is larger paddletails.

The 4-inch Mulligan or the 5-inch BOMBER are great choices.

Flounder are not shy, they are aggressive and will eat bigger baits.

Slow roll these big paddletails right along the bottom in the above-mentioned spots for best success.

You definitely want to keep the lures close to the bottom.

If the straight retrieve isn’t working, change it up and mix in some pops and pauses.

5-inch Jerk Shads are also excellent flounder lures.

Make sure you have enough weight to reach the bottom so you can bounce these lures along.

Another lure that is effective for flounder is the Power Prawn USA shrimp lure.

Everything eats a shrimp and flounder are no different.

Lure Rigging

My favorite way to rig lures for flounder is on the Owner Flashy Swimmer hooks.

Owner Flashy Swimmer hooks are extremely similar to rigging hooks like the Owner Twistlock and Hoss Helix Hook.

The exception is they have the added advantage of having a tail spinner attached to the bottom of the lure.

This creates added flash and attention to get the fish to strike.

Tide Cycles

When it comes to flounder, as long as the water is moving they are typically feeding.

But if I had my choice of an incoming or outgoing tide, I’d take the outgoing tide.

Flounder will sit in areas that drain out from the marsh.

Dock pilings, creek mouths, grasslines, and more provide perfect hunting grounds for these fish on a falling tide.

Mudflats are also worth fishing during a slack tide.


In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.


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John Papachriston
3 months ago

Great discussion Pat. I look forward to putting it to use.

Frank Walsh
4 months ago

Great video Pat, I really enjoy your still of explaining the techniques. Actually read all the comments as well and just finished watching less crowded spots for sheepshead fishing. I’ll be reviewing these over the winter.

Larry Stonecipher
7 months ago

Good stuff Pat. Great info for beginners , old salts and everyone in-between. Thank you

Lee Howell
7 months ago

Great video! Here in NC the flounder season is extremely short (9/15-9/29) with 1 per person per day minimum 15″ TL. Because of this we usually opt for mud minnows and a fluke rig over artificials. however, I do like Z Man Doormatadorz, Fish Bites Dirty Boxers, and Gulp! Grub and Swimming Mullet

Mark Mcclain
7 months ago

Great video Pat

Terry Hinton
7 months ago

Thank you Pat !

William Ripa
7 months ago

Thanks Pat…excellent presentation.

Harvey Pepper
7 months ago

Thanks Pat. Things have changed over the years and with your help and teaching I will be putting more flounder in the boat! Thanks again and Tight Lines!

Ronald Peedin
7 months ago

really like

Charles Gurnea
7 months ago

Gulp or love mullet is the best I’ve tried ever lure u offer and not one fish sorry guys


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