ONE Lure Color Guaranteed To Boost Redfish Strikes This Fall

What’s the ONE lure color guaranteed to boost redfish strikes this fall?

Sometimes traditional white or dark lures won’t cut it.

The fish have seen it before.

Shaking things up and using brighter lures that pop could spark more bites.

Take a look!

ONE Lure Color Guaranteed To Boost Redfish Strikes This Fall [VIDEO]

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Equipment List:

F.R.E.D. stands for ‘Fooling Redfish Every Day’.

It is a pink lure with a silver flake designed to stand out and catch the eyes of redfish.

I’ve found that when fish aren’t committing to your standard white or natural lure colors, bright lures that stand out are the way to go.

Something that looks different that they might not have seen before can trigger that bite.

This was the case on a recent trip.

I leaned on the F.R.E.D. the Jerk lure to catch some MONSTER redfish.

I had it rigged on a 3/0 Hoss Helix Hook weighing 1/8 oz.

Throughout the fall, floating grass is a problem so going weedless is best to avoid frustrations.

Throw a little Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent on the lure and you’re ready to go!

As far as this trip, the first fish I hooked into bit the Nub Rig after a puffer or smaller fish bit the tail off.

These redfish need to eat before winter comes!

Later in the trip, I hooked into a monster fish pushing 40 inches.


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Ronald Peedin
8 months ago

well done

Jon Fortune
8 months ago

I tried the set up- Pretty intersting, the action of the topwater is different with the weight, it kinda just walks left- But I am going to try it on the water this weekend

Mike Ryan
8 months ago

Gonna try fred this week. Dynamite will be backup . Thanks Steven

Steven Busby
8 months ago

That was a nice Red!

Stephan Frank
8 months ago

Outstanding report, it’s Redtober for sure. Lots of redfish being caught in Estero Bay Area and we agree the FRED is working for them. We even brought in a nice backwater Tarpon on one. Tight Lines!

Thomas Utley
8 months ago

Great video and awesome Redfish for sure as well as very informative Tony …. !!!

However, I have asked you several times about the boat you are fishing from …. I believe it to be Gheenoe, I have also asked you about the complete setup for it and where I maybe be able to purchase one just like it and equipped as such … !!

I have looked all over this part of Florida for one and to include all of Florian’s I am not getting much information on it and or them at all …. It would be very helpful to me and my search for a Gheenoe equipped just like yours and outfitted with the same motors electric and gas powered because of some of the restrictions I’m sure place to fishing have on power gas motors ….

I’m hoping that you’ll take time in order to finally answer me and my request for this information… I am sorry I have bothered you .. !

Rob S.
8 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Utley

Tony did a video earlier this year which provided the info you’re asking for …

Mark Ethridge
8 months ago

Great video Tony! Those were some nice Reds, When do you recommend using a jerk bait over a paddle tail?

Richard Trester
8 months ago

I went out just south of Lemon Bay for the first time this fall. I had limited luck with the slam shady color. I changed to the Fred color and the bite came alive. The Fred has become one of my favorite colors.

James Wilson
8 months ago

Outstanding video thank you for sharing it Tony. You caught some nice reds.

Wayne Buel
8 months ago

Thanks Tony!! I’ve done had good success myself with the Fred mulligan and the Fred jerk shad! Great video


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