What Is The Best Lure For Spring Redfish?


We designed the BEST lure for spring redfish!!!

Do you think it is a soft plastic lure or a hard-bodied twitchbait?

Learn what the best lure for spring redfish is right here!

Best Lure For Spring Redfish

The F.R.E.D. (Fooling Redfish Every Day) paddletail is the best soft plastic lure to target redfish this spring.

F.R.E.D. is a 3.5-inch paddletail with silver flakes sprinkled throughout the body of the lure.

As spring approaches, you have to start to think about the different types of bait that are spawning and what the fish are feeding on.

That will directly impact what lures you choose to use in different situations.

Small baitfish are abundant as well as separate shrimp runs happen during spring which influences fish diets.

The light pink hue is accompanied by the flash of silver flakes of the F.R.E.D. that resembles both baitfish and shrimp.

As far as retrieving this lure, a straight retrieve will behave more like a baitfish, and an erratic, darting retrieve will mimic that of a shrimp.

We find the best way to rig these lures is on a 3/0 Owner Weighted Twistlock Hook weighing 1/8 oz.

This keeps your rig weedless and able to naturally swim in the shallows where redfish are most likely lurking.

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Best Lure For Spring Redfish [VIDEO]

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FRED Rigging

F.R.E.D. wasn’t named by accident!

These lures really are proven to crush redfish and are the perfect “Match The Hatch” bait for this spring!

Lastly, be sure to take advantage of our FREE F.R.E.D. promotion now before it is too late!!!

Do you have any more questions on the best lure for spring redfish?

Let me know down in the comments!

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2 years ago

I freshwater fish a lot but dont know much about saltwater. In mid July ill be in Sanibel Captiva area Can anyone provide some advice on the best couple species to target that time of year if fishing off the beaches and maybe a couple suggested lures/methods i should try?

Gregory Hammer
2 years ago
Reply to  Darren

Give Ding Darling a try at all the crossovers,snook trout reds and tarpon are all there

Steven Free
2 years ago

Well again it’s a personal opinion because once the reds and flounder both become more active and get out of there winter patterns it’s a spinnerbait for me until they get sluggish again in late fall but I know for you Tony in central fl and Luke and his gang in south fl the spinnerbait is really not a good idea because you are all fishing clear water where I’m at in northeast jax fl am not it’s pretty much murky here the majority of the year where vibration and flash and scent are really needed where as with you very long casts and stealth is the key with light line me my average cast is maybe 25 yards at best 20lb power pro with same test leader around oysters and grasslines with docks and or points with you potholes in grass beds and yes I know a red is a red and trout and ect are all the same but depending on ones water clarity I have found lures to be somewhat different if your to be successful in my neck of the woods anyways just saying have been fishing here in the salt inshore for 20 years now so just saying what works for me thanks for all you do😉👍


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