Sight Fishing Snook In New Areas [On-The-Water Report]


Can you sight fish for lethargic snook during the cold winter months?

What if you are fishing in a new area?

Check this out to learn what you should look for when sight fishing new areas for snook in winter!

Learn more below!

Sight Fishing For Snook In Winter [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Luke’s Equipment:


Sight fishing can be extremely fun because you get to visually see the fish pick up your lure and strike!

Be sure to stay on top of current fishing trends to know how the fish are biting and when the best times to sight fish are.

If you scout your spots right and present some enticing lures, you can sight fish for snook and redfish with success!

Do you have any more questions on sight fishing for snook and redfish?

Let me know down in the comments below!

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