My First Catch From A Balcony [Sight Fishing From 3rd Floor Balcony]!

By: Luke Simonds on June 27, 2017
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balcony snook fishing

When seeing how close the water was to our balcony, I was thinking how cool it would be if we actually caught a fish from there.

Because the edge of the water is within casting distance.

But I never thought that an opportunity would come up for that to actually happen…

Until yesterday when Joe noticed a snook that was holding up in the shallows while we were on a conference call for work.

I immediately grabbed a rod and tied on a trusted soft plastic jerk bait to see if I could somehow get a good cast to it.

Fortunately, Joe had his phone and captured the entire experience on film.

Click here to see the video!


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Charles Phillippi
2 years ago

Talk about being prepared! Always have a fishing rod at the ready. Thats what I call “Fishing for Happiness” lol not many can say that they caught a snook from their balcony!!