How To Catch Snook In Texas (Where, When, & Best Lures)


It’s true…

Finding snook in Texas is not an easy task.

But you CAN catch this unicorn if you know the best tactics for finding and catching them!

So in this new video from Capt. Corey Mock, you’ll learn the best times to target Texas snook, the most effective lures, the best retrieve, and much more.

Check it out!

How To Catch Snook In Texas [VIDEO]

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Targeting Texas Snook

You can start to target snook in Texas in April and May when they leave deeper water and come onto the Texas flats.

And boy do they put on a show in shallow water!!

In the fall you can still find the texas snook on the flats and they will stay there until November and December.

It’s a little tougher to find Texas snook in the winter as they move into deeper water around structure  or sea walls.

If you’re targeting snook in deeper water, you must use a different tactic because you’ll need your lure to get to the bottom fast.

Use a 3/4 oz or 1 oz jig head to get your soft plastic to the bottom quickly.

Make sure you work any drop-offs and potholes in the area too.

And it’s okay if the water is murky.

Murky water is a great place for snook to hold so they can ambush their prey.

At a higher tide, focus on the mangroves (getting as close as you can without spooking the fish).

Best Lures & Retrieve For Texas Snook

The best way to target Texas snook with lures is to use a topwater either early morning or later in the afternoon.

A bone or chartreuse colored topwater lure will do the trick!

Also, a paddletail (like the Slam Shady) or shrimp lure (like the Power Prawn) works really well for targeting snook throughout the day.

Use a 1/8 oz to 1/4 oz jig head for your soft plastic lures.

Finally, the best retrieve for Texas snook is a twitch, twitch, pause!

Happy Texas snook hunting, y’all!!

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Curtis Thompson
1 year ago

Never caught a snook. Would like to try sometime. I’m closer to Texas than Florida, so I am going to keep your number.


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