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Quick & Easy Lure Rigging Hack When Using Weighted Hooks

Next time you're struggling to rig up weedless lures, keep this easy lure rigging hack in mind! This shortcut applies when rigging any...
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Basic Spinning Reel Maintenance Tutorial For Beginners

Today's video showcases a basic spinning reel maintenance tutorial for beginners. These are just a few small things you can do to keep...
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Striped Bass Heaven – A Trial By Fire Experience [Insider Report]

I’M BACK!!! Hello, Insider Family! I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus these past few months and focused my efforts on keeping our rapidly-growing Tackle...
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Identifying Summertime Patterns In The Shallows [Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Proper Preparation Brings Tournament Win [Insider Report

I’d just had one of the best topwater bites of my life, and I’d planned on coming back for those fish a week later on...
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Perfect Summer Spot To Find Fish [Insider Report]

The Summer months can be tough times to fish if you are not looking in the right places. Spring is over and the moderate water...
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Where To Target Juvenile Tarpon From Shore [Spot Dissection Lesson]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Johnny Jigs Custom Rigs

Johnny Jigs is a company started by 3 friends out of Pompano Beach, FL. We partnered with them to save 20% OFF sitewide and...
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Father’s Day Trip Shows Key Trend For Summer Action

This fishing report shows another example of how to catch a good amount of fish during the summer months without live bait.
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Summertime Tackle Bundle: The Inshore Essentials You Need To Catch More Fish

We've assembled the ULTIMATE Summertime Tackle Bundle so you have everything you need to confidently hit the water right now!!...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [June 30 – July 2]

We’re THRILLED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are links to the Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to...
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How To Pick The Best Fishing Spots During The Summertime

What are the clues you need to pick the best fishing spots during summertime? Spring is over, temperatures are up and summer is here...
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Trip Of A Lifetime Exploring New Waters For Striped Bass & Bluefish

I made my way up to Connecticut exploring new waters for Striped Bass and Bluefish! I and a few buddies hit the Long Island Sound to...
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$2,298,642.03 in Saltwater TACKLE Savings!!!

Did you buy any fishing tackle over the last year? How much money did you save? We recently asked some of our 43,000 Insider Club members...
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