Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel Review (Pros & Cons)


Should YOU buy a Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel?

This video is NOT going to be a generic explanation of specs and reading off of the back of the box.

Instead, I want to elaborate on the features of the Slammer VI and whether or not you should look into it.

Learn more about this reel from Penn in the video below!!

Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel Review [VIDEO]

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CNC Gear Technology

CNC Gearing stands for Computerized Numerical Control.

This is a process where computers determine exactly how deep the teeth are cut within the main gear of the reel.

This is the epitome of precision.

The gears are fully designed using CNC Gear Technology.

In the case of the Slammer IV, the main gear is made of brass.

When you jump up to the DX Series, that is replaced with a stainless steel main gear.

There are a few benefits of a brass main gear over an aluminum main gear.

Brass is a tougher material, the teeth of the gear will remain intact longer, and will wear better over time.

Both metals are excellent, but the fact that you can bump up to a higher-grade metal is an added bonus.

IPX6 Seal Rating

IP stands for Ingress Protection followed by TWO numbers.

The first number denotes how well the product is sealed from solids like dust.

In the case of a spinning reel, that is negligible for the most part.

The second number denotes how well the product is sealed from liquid contaminants.

The Slammer VI had jets of water blasted onto it at 100 liters/minute for 3 minutes at 3 meters away.

After undergoing this test, Penn can determine how much water, if any, got into the gearbox.

It is RARE we would ever run into a situation with jets of water shooting out at our spinning reels, but you have it if you need it!

This reel is NOT fully sealed but it can handle the elements well.

Physical Sealing

penn slammer IV spinning reel review

There are physical rubber seals all over this reel to prevent contaminants from getting in.

The difference with this reel is that Penn also decided to use sealed ball bearings.

Just because a reel has 11 or 12 ball bearings, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better than other reels.

It is all about the QUALITY of the ball bearings and the LOCATION of the bearings within the reel.

Penn includes a sealed ball bearing within the spool itself.

That means that when the drag is engaged, the spool spins on the sealed ball bearing.

Additionally, there is another sealed ball bearing on the handle entry point as well as another at the top of the anti-reverse clutch.

These are all ideal spots for high-quality ball bearings.


If you tuned into the Penn Spinfisher VI video I put out a few weeks ago, I go more into depth and showcase the HT-100 drag which is standard in just about every Penn reel.

HT stands for High-Tech.

The 100 comes from Penn’s system to pull a monofilament line and engage the carbon-fiber disc drag for 100 miles.

Then, Penn assessed the quality of that carbon-fiber disc to reveal no degradation.

Dura-Drag is a step UP from that.

Penn makes use of a phenolic coating that bonds the carbon-fiber washer to the eared washer.

Underneath the spool, there is a plate that houses the Dura-Drag system.

Dura-Drag in tandem with the coating is meant to extend the life and performance of the carbon fiber.

The HT-100 drag system is well thought out so to take that and elevate it a step further only adds to the quality.

In the case of the Slammer IV, the 3500 size reels and above include Dura-Drag while the 2500 size has an HT-100 drag.

Cons & Things To Consider

Similarly, with the Spinfisher VI and a lot of Penn reels that are solid-aluminum bodies, the Slammer IV is on the heavier side.

These reels are flat-out heavier than other aluminum-bodied reels of similar sizes from competing brands.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight reel to balance your fishing rod and throw finesse artificial lures, this might not be the reel that is best suited for that application.

Can it get the job done? No doubt.

But it won’t have that refinement from a lightweight standpoint that inshore anglers might be used to.

On a similar note, the gear design is excellent, however, due to all of the internal physical seals, the overall smoothness and startup of the reel come into question.

The Slammer IV may not feel as smooth as competing products.

Something to make note of is that these reels DO in fact wear in over time.

After a little bit of use, these reels perform a bit better.

Reel Spooling

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All in all, the Slammer IV is an EXCELLENT reel with high-quality components that perform well over time.

Out of the box, it doesn’t have the same feel as other reels in its class but it will get the job done.

What other questions or comments do you have about the Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reel Review?

Please go ahead and get the conversation started below – I will be sure to answer all your questions in the comments section!!!

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1 month ago

Why do you say it has a different feel from other reels at its price point?

5 months ago

Nice Indept review of the penn IV.. I Personally LOVE my penn reels Beter than Any other brands i have owned! Yes, they are a Little bit heavier… but hey,… for us Men.. lets be honest, a reel around 1 pound is Really not that big of a deal! I cast mine All day long! And sometimes that literally means 10 to 12 hrs! Lol. It’s worth the Extra weight when it comes to Durability and dependability!! I can Always depend on my Penn reels to stand up to whatever i throw at it! Of course i Always Rinse after use, and anywhere from 4 to 6 months, i open and clean and relube as a maintenance! Penn is The Best, at an Affordable price!

Frank Hunnes
6 months ago

I really appreciate these videos and updates and reviews on products. Thanks, keep up the great work!

Ron Rudolph
6 months ago

Great video, I’m looking for a new reel to use for surf and inshore fishing and this gave me a lot of useful information.

John Breden
6 months ago

That was a great video, I am glad you do these to help keep us informed and able to make good decisions.

Kim MacCartney
6 months ago

Justin…Another difference between the 2500 and its bigger brothers is the 3500 and up come with two handles whereas the 2500 has a single foam-grip handle. Also, I purchased a Slammer IV 2500 from a large Penn retailer in France because they were less expensive. Big mistake as it was a knock off even though it sure looked OEM. The knock off wind knotted on almost every cast regardless of how full the spool was and the total lack of wind and would not lay line level regardless of washers I placed under the spool. Long story short I sold it and bought another locally. All the difference in the world. I love the reel but it is not a Saltist LT!

6 months ago

I think that this analysis is spot on, made the tough decision easier.

Jim Wilson
6 months ago

Thanks for the update, I have 2 Penn reels 2500 pursuit 4 and Slammer 560 I now understand about the smoothness is all about, I just need to use them more.

Douglas MacFarlane
6 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Confused me with the Slammer IV and the slammer VI

Bill Saunders
6 months ago

Excellent well presented analysis, as always Justin. You mentioned that anglers might not be hitting their reels with such powerful jets of water, but at least they can be assured that if they spray off their equipment with a garden hose after using it, they are not getting water inside the reel.

Buzz Butters
6 months ago

Very interesting Juistin. I’m trying to find a previous video that I think you did about basic oil and lubing a reel. I can’t locate it. Did you do one and where do I find it? Thanks much Buzz


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